Webinar: Why Companies Can No Longer Afford to Wait to Automate Vendor Master Management

New Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules for financial reporting are resulting in heightened audit pressure, increased labor requirements for AP departments, and potential multi-million dollar penalties for non-compliance. Companies cannot afford to delay automating IRS tax identification validation, 1099 analysis, W-8 and W-9 collection, and OFAC reporting. This webinar will share new data on how companies are managing the collection and reporting of IRS-required information, provide analysis on the implications of new IRS rules for financial reporting, detail how automating vendor master management relieves the IRS reporting burden, and show screen shots of one solution for automating vendor master management. There also will be time for questions and answers.


Michael Moran
Vice President of Client Services
Direct Insite

Chris Carberry
Director of Product Management
Direct Insite

Day & Time:

August 7