Webinar: Why Banks Must Take an Invoice-Centric Approach to Integrated Receivables

Corporations increasingly recognize that receivables represent one of their largest and most liquid assets. Streamlining receivables processes can increase a company's working capital and, in turn, reduce its need for costly borrowing. Sensing an opportunity, growing numbers of banks are developing integrated receivables solutions that bring together multiple payment streams to provide their corporate customers with improved reporting and reconciliation tools. As beneficial as these solutions may appear, corporate customers are likely to be left wanting unless banks take an invoice-centric approach to their integrated receivables initiatives. During this interactive, complimentary webinar, attendees will learn: how an invoice-centric approach to integrated receivables differs from how many banks are approaching integrated receivables; the business case for an invoice-centric approach to integrated receivables; the cross-selling opportunities uniquely provided by an invoice-centric approach to integrated receivables; key functionality to look for in a solution; and how one bank is extending its traditional lockbox services with e-invoicing and electronic payments.


Jim McShea
Executive Vice President
Direct Insite

Mark Brousseau
Brousseau & Associates

Date & Time:

February 27, 2014
2 p.m. eastern