Webinar: Why 2014 is the Best Time Ever to Deploy Electronic Invoicing

E-invoicing has provided growing numbers of companies with a compelling return on investment. From reduced costs and faster turnaround to enhanced supplier relationships and new opportunities to capture early-payment discounts, e-invoicing is a better alternative to paper processing. Despite these benefits, five key factors will make 2014 a better time than ever to deploy e-invoicing. During this interactive, complimentary webinar, attendees will hear: the five reasons that 2014 is the best time ever to deploy electronic invoicing; why organizations with legacy e-invoicing solutions should consider deploying next-generation platforms; and how two global shared services organizations are benefiting from the deployment of new e-invoicing platforms. There also will time for questions.


Jim McShea
Executive Vice President
Direct Insite

Mark Brousseau
Brousseau & Associates

Date & Time:

Thursday, March 6
2 p.m. eastern