Webinar: The Lockbox is Dead - Long Live the Lockbox!

The Federal Reserve Bank’s latest Payments Study should have been a wake-up call for lockbox providers. Business-to-business check volumes – the holdout in the move to electronic payments – declined significantly since the Federal Reserve Bank’s last study. Declining business-to-business check volumes threaten to undermine the lucrative wholesale lockbox processing services that are a linchpin to bank treasury management, and banks could find themselves at risk of dis-intermediation to non-bank competitors that offer electronic payment and remittance services.

It’s for these reasons that more banks are adapting their treasury management services to include Reverse Lockbox processing. Combining electronic invoicing, online approvals and dispute management, and electronic payments, a Reverse Lockbox offers a bridge between traditional paper-based wholesale lockbox processing and electronic invoice presentment and payment. During this webinar, the speakers will share research and insights on the state of the wholesale lockbox market, the challenges and threats faced by bank lockbox providers, and how banks can extend their wholesale lockbox franchise with a Reverse Lockbox. There also will be time for questions.


Jim McShea
Executive Vice President
Direct Insite

Chris Carberry
Director of Product Management
Direct Insite

Mark Brousseau
Brousseau & Associates

Date and Time:

July 9
2 p.m. eastern

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