PAYBOX® Vendor Management

Managing vendor information is costly, time-consuming and fraught with regulatory risks. PAYBOX® Vendor Management from PAYBOX® provides a powerful cloud-based self-service solution that automates vendor registration, authentication and management.

PAYBOX® Vendor Management enables Procurement, Shared Services and Treasury divisions of corporate enterprises to communicate and connect with one simple tool. It increases process efficiency, reduces supplier onboarding and compliance costs, mitigates risks, enhances supplier relationships, and improves vendor master file analysis, accuracy and control - all in a highly secure cloud environment.

Here’s how PAYBOX® Vendor Management streamlines vendor master management:

  • Converts Vendor Master Management from a cost and time burden to a self-service function
  • Automates the upload of corporate information and tax documents, including W-8s and W-9s
  • Stores and manages critical supplier information, making it instantly available to organizations
  • Ensures consistent supplier on-boarding to standardize processes and mitigate risk
  • Authenticates vendors using multiple factors, including Federal Tax ID review, duplicate vendor/address identification, inactive vendor analysis, spend analysis, IRS tax ID matching, federal sanction list scrub, etc.
  • Provides customized vendor performance scorecards, reporting, and tracking of vendor action plans

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