Transitioning from Xign

Transitioning from Xign? Direct Insite is here. In fact, we’ve been here all along, supporting Global 3000 companies and large organizations across 100 different countries for nearly 30 years.

If you are transitioning from Xign, find out why Direct Insite is the right partner for all of your e-payment and invoicing automation needs.

Transitioning from Xign? Benefits of Working with Direct Insite

Direct Insite is the world leader in cloud-based, SaaS e-invoicing solutions for both Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) departments. If you are transitioning from Xign, Direct Insite offers several unique business benefits, including:

  • Rapid Deployment: We have the experience and technology necessary to get your e-invoicing solutions up and running right away. We understand the importance of limiting down time as you are transitioning from Xign, and we are prepared to rapidly deploy our cutting-edge solution and build on your past AP and AR transformation success.
  • Minimal Cost and Operational Impact: As you are transitioning from Xign, we will implement the exact, customized functionality your organization requires while reducing costs and operational impact.
  • Full Range of Simplified AP and AR Processes: Direct Insite’s Invoices On-Line (IOL) suite streamlines electronic invoice distribution and submission, purchase order submission, distribution and acknowledgement, invoice processing and validation, line-item matching, approval routing, invoice consolidation, dispute management, payment portal and processing, and reporting and analysis. New clients will enjoy these benefits after transitioning from Xign.
  • Superior Track Record: After transitioning from Xign, it is important to find a trusted partner with the experience and credentials needed to take your AP and AR processes to the next level. Direct Insite has an exceptional track record of supporting the world’s largest organizations across 100 countries, representing more than 35 currencies and 17 languages. Founded in 1987, Direct Insite’s solutions are currently employed in more than 100,000 corporations, including IBM, HP and Siemens.
  • PCI Compliance: With enhanced PCI compliance capabilities, Direct Insite can help companies transitioning from Xign protect cardholder information and identities, prevent electronic payment fraud and implement advance security features.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationships: Direct Insite’s IOL solution supports secure payment disbursement, receipt and processing from credit cards or the Automated Clearing House Network. With increased visibility into payment status for customers, internal customer service representatives and collections groups, customer service and payment collaboration is greatly improved. Added security measures and compliance rules further enhance the customer experience for firms that are transitioning from Xign.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Agnostic: For companies transitioning from Xign, Direct Insite offers instant and automatic synchronization with existing ERP and legacy systems, enabling a smooth transition and minimal operational impact.

Ready to Start Transitioning from Xign?

With Direct Insite, your organization can get paid faster, reduce manual processes associated with payment processing and initiation, and transform your corporate financial supply chain. If you are ready to start transitioning from Xign to Direct Insite, give us a call today at 954-510-3750 and find out how we can help you improve your bottom line and reduce PCI compliance headaches.

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