Transform Your Corporate Accounts Payable Processing

Lack the budget or resources to transform your corporate accounts payable processing in 2016? Install PAYBOX® AP Automation at no cost and start saving right away!

A transformative end-to-end platform for accounts payable, PAYBOX® AP simplifies vendor registration and invoice submission in any format. Plus, invoice approval through PAYBOX® AP provides payment status and allows you to enhance vendor relationships to increase your working capital management.

When you choose PAYBOX® AP, the benefits are measurable:

Vendor Benefits:

  • A single point of interaction for all things AP related, including self-registration and vendor information management
  • Submit invoices via print mail, email or in any electronic form
  • Receive real time notification of invoice status, receipt, approval and payment date
  • Manage invoice adjustments without the hassle of multiple phone calls and emails

Company Benefits:

  • Functions across multiple ERP systems and integrates with your existing workflow and business rules to drive efficiency
  • Centralizes and automates your entire AP process while improving your vendor relationships
  • Facilitates transitioning vendors to electronic submission at the speed of your customers
  • Manages the cleanup of vendor master data, onboarding vendors and migrating from paper to e-invoicing
  • Provides dynamic reporting and analytics dashboards

Working Capital Benefits:

  • Zero-cost implementation – you and your vendors only pay for processed transactions
  • Allows you to take advantage of available discounts dynamically
  • Enables partial payments, so you get paid by your vendors more quickly
  • Eliminates unnecessary cost drivers including hosting, ERP upgrades, dispute resolution and invoice re-keying and verification

Highly secure, scalable and compliant, PAYBOX® AP transforms accounts payable processes, achieving levels of organizational efficiency you never thought possible. AP automation is at your fingertips. Get started with PAYBOX® AP today.