Accounts Payable Automation Platform

The time for accounts payable automation is now. In today’s fast-paced financial environment, manual, paper-based accounts payable processes lead to:

  • Data and Information Inaccuracies
  • High Operating Costs
  • Slow Backend Operations

But what if there was an accounts payable solution that results in an easier, faster way to complete AP and procure-to-pay processes?

The PAYBOX® AP Effect

Direct Insite wanted to create an automated AP platform that delivers tangible benefits to companies ready to say goodbye to antiquated accounts payable management. So we designed PAYBOX® AP.

An automation tool unlike any other, PAYBOX® AP helps companies transform large, complex financial operations to improve business outcomes. This is done through:

  • Self-service supplier portals for vendor management, invoice processing, status updates and payment notification.
  • Zero-cost integration and implementation with legacy ERP software.
  • The ability to receive and process vendor invoices in any format including mail, email and electronic forms.
  • Streamlining vendor transition from paper and manual invoice processing to an entirely digital process.

PAYBOX® AP is the highly secure, scalable and compliant accounts payable platform you’ve been searching for. To learn more and request a free demo, contact us today.