The Online Invoicing Benefits That Can Change Your Organization

Moving away from traditional invoicing processes might seem daunting to corporations that are accustomed to manual methods. But online invoicing benefits far outweigh the risks and deliver a measurable return on investment.

Why are leading enterprises incorporating online invoicing into their accounts receivables department processes?

  • Less risk of human error
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Optimized financial supply chain management

How Online Invoicing Benefits Improve Enterprise Organizations

Growth-minded enterprises should make online invoicing an immediate priority for their accounts receivables departments. Manual invoicing processes are arduous, antiquated and bog down corporate AR personnel.  Online invoicing benefits can change how organizations run their AR departments, streamlining invoicing routines and enabling employees to reach new levels of productivity:

  • Companies are able to eliminate billing and invoice inefficiencies. Traditional invoicing processes are time and labor-intensive, eating up company resources. Online invoicing solutions help organizations achieve a measurable increase in efficiency and performance output. With less time spent on invoicing, AR staff can focus on more important tasks.
  • Enterprises improve cash flow management and financial supply chain forecasting. When companies distribute manual invoices, they have to wait for customers to send in payments, or work with department personnel over the phone to settle statements. Electronic invoices are released in a much timelier manner, resulting in faster customer payments. Quick payment cycles mean organizations increase their cash flow and working capital opportunities.
  • Companies will see an increase in customer satisfaction. Online invoicing benefits aren’t limited to corporate AR departments. Electronic invoicing is also simpler for the customer. Why? Instead of waiting for a paper invoice in the mail and having to reconcile it immediately to avoid late fees, e-invoices are made available to users through a secure web portal. Customers can easily control the payment amount, the form of payment and when it’s submitted.

Ready for an online invoicing portal that makes good on its promise to deliver measurable business results and reduce annual operating costs?

PAYBOX® is the answer.

Made for corporations and banks, PAYBOX® is an innovative solution from Direct Insite that combines payment reconciliation and electronic invoicing, creating an essential tool for accounts receivables departments.

By leveraging PAYBOX®, your organization will see:

  • A significant improvement in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • More than a 90 percent reduction in invoice presentment and collection fees
  • Stronger and longer-lasting customer relationships

Nervous about moving away from manual invoicing processes? Don’t be. Direct Insite offers print and mail transition services that will simplify e-invoicing adoption for you, your employees and most importantly, your customers.

If you’re ready to experience online invoicing benefits for yourself, contact Direct Insite to learn more about PAYBOX® today.

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