The Advantages of an Advanced Receivables Reporting Solution

For companies and enterprises that have taken steps to enhance their payment processing systems, a strong receivables reporting solution plays an important role in an efficient AR system. Why? Departments that take advantage of receivables reports are able to better track their customers’ payments, monitor late or defaulted payments, and receive real-time updates when payments are processed and settled.

Why You Need an Advanced Receivables Reporting Solution

An electronic invoice presentment and payment system is an excellent way to increase efficiency within your AR department. A receivables reporting solution further increases the return you achieve on your AR technology. Key benefits include:

  • Greater Visibility into Receivables – An advanced receivables reporting solution can provide you with a wide range of reports, including an end-of-day file delivered directly to your company’s AR department. This file allows you to see how your company is processing receivables day-to-day, month-by-month and overall for the year.
  • Improved Cash Flow Forecasting – Access to receivables reports can provide insight about your company’s cash flow. A clear understanding of cash flow enables you to more accurately predict future cash flow, allowing you to develop a strategy to maintain a healthy cash flow position throughout the year.
  • Lower Risk of Payment Delays and Problems – The right receivables reporting solution can help your company or enterprise manage customers’ payments, and alert you to any problems that might arise during invoice presentment and billing.

Implementing a Receivables Reporting Solution

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® solution provides your company with a full suite of reports that are essential for managing your invoicing process and enhancing your AR department’s ability to monitor the financial supply chain.

A few key features of PAYBOX® and our receivables reporting solution include:

  • Robust Reporting Capabilities – PAYBOX® offers a full suite of reports, including end-of-day reports, detailed customer billing reports and 30/60/90 overdue reports. These reporting capabilities provide AR departments with the necessary tools to stay on top of invoices, payments, cash flow and more.
  • Customizable to Your Organization’s AR Needs and Requirements – PAYBOX’s receivables reporting solution provides reports and billing summaries that are automated and delivered into the enterprise’s AR system at the end of each day, allowing you to analyze your receivables in greater detail. In addition, PAYBOX® offers ad-hoc reporting that is available via download, further enhancing your organization’s ability to track relevant AR metrics.
  • Comprehensive Solutions – In addition to the various reporting capabilities, PAYBOX® also simplifies the payment process for your customers. A self-service customer registration system allows users to access their invoices at any time. It also provides useful FAQ support and online help to provide customers with the information they need to make payments online.

Ready for a Strong Receivables Reporting Solution?

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® provides an advanced receivables reporting solution for your company’s AR department, providing immediate and real-time information that you can use to improve cash flow and achieve other important goals related to the financial supply chain.

When your company is ready to implement one of the industry’s most advanced and reliable receivables reporting solution, call Direct Insite at (610)-212-2487, or email us at for a private demo of PAYBOX®.


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