The AP Automation Services You Can't Afford to Miss Out On

No one who has observed the measurable value of accounts payable automation services would call them a passing trend. In addition to streamlined accounts payable management, AP automation translates into stronger working capital, company growth and the ability to better forecast cash flow. They’ve become an absolute necessity for large organizations that deal with AP processing on a daily basis.

Must-Have AP Automation Services

High costs, inefficiencies and information inaccuracy are all symptoms of manual accounts payable processing. If you’re still relying on paper-based methods, you’re seriously hindering your company’s performance and ability to effectively compete in the marketplace.

Accounts payable automation services have the potential to completely transform how your organization handles AP processes. Ready to wave goodbye to outdated manual processing methods? These indispensable features of the best automated solutions will breathe new life into your accounts payable department:

  • User Web Portals – Supplier registration is a tedious yet necessary task. A strong AP automation solution makes it more efficient for your business with an online web portal where suppliers and vendors can log in to complete registration, as well as view current invoices and submit outstanding inquiries.

  • Electronic Invoicing – The most surefire way to see an immediate uptick in invoice acceptance and a decrease in production fees is to adopt electronic invoicing. Unlike paper-based processing, e-invoices are far less prone to information errors, and cost about half of what it takes to produce paper invoices.

  • Analytics Reporting – In-depth reports with granular insights enable company treasurers and CFOs to track working capital and keep a real-time pulse on your organization’s financial health. Instead of flipping through several pages of paper to find the necessary information, an automated solution can generate custom reports with the analytics the C-suite needs to maintain strong financial performance.

  • Invoice Inquiry & Dispute Management – While invoice disputes will always be a reality, they can be mitigated. Automation services can reduce the amount of human error that leads to disputes in the first place, and they can also help you manage contested invoices when they do occur. Make sure your AP solution includes a built-in dispute management platform that empowers suppliers and vendors to submit inquires for faster review and more painless dispute resolution.

  • Early Payment Discount Control – Early payment discounts can be an excellent incentive to submit payments on time, and suppliers appreciate the early settlement. Vendors can access an online web portal to set up predetermined discount rates, dynamic requests and more.

The AP Automation Services Your Business Needs

Direct Insite wanted to create an automated accounts payable platform that made for easy implementation and user adoption, while delivering tangible benefits to the organizations that chose to take the technology on.

So we designed PAYBOX® AP.

A strategic, modular tool for your company’s AP processes, PAYBOX® AP is a secure and scalable solution that makes outdated AP strategies a thing of the past. Direct Insite’s automation services take the complexity out of corporate AP responsibilities. Contact us today to get started.

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