The AP Automation Benefits You Can't Go Without

Maybe you’re hesitant about implementing an automated accounts payable platform for your business. But AP automation benefits far outweigh any perceived risks. Automated technology can have immediate, positive tangible effects on your business – you just have to do the research on the platform that’s right for you, and take the leap.

The Big 5: AP Automation Benefits for Your Business

Look around your organization. You’re surrounded by technology meant to enhance productivity and speed up day-to-day tasks. So why are you sticking with antiquated AP processing methods? Outdated resources are only slowing you down, and in today’s fast-paced financial environment, you can’t afford to be behind the curve. An automated solution delivers AP automation benefits to your organization that will save time, money and resources.

  1. Eliminate Paper – Invoice capture automatically scans and distributes invoices, eliminating the need to manually generate and send paper invoices. It also reduces the number of errors present in statements due to incorrect keying entries.

  2. Quicker Approval – After an invoice is received, it needs to be matched to purchase orders for approval. Instead of waiting for a written signature, an automated platform matches invoices to PO numbers during capture, enabling quicker approval.

  3. Simple Integration – Implementing an automated solution doesn’t mean you have to deal with siloed systems. Automated AP technology should integrate with existing legacy systems, creating a smooth workflow between applications.

  4. Easy Audits – When information is stored and managed through a cloud-based portal, authorized users can instantly gain access to the data they need, creating an easier audit process. Not to mention, the digital trail means you’ll stay on the right side of industry compliance regulations.

  5. Increase Productivity – It’s a simple formula: less time spent bogged down by manual AP processes means more effectively allocating department resources. Instead of generating and distributing invoices, staff can focus on things like analyzing financial reports and strategizing for future projects.

Ready to Experience AP Automation Benefits for Yourself? Direct Insite Can Help

At Direct Insite, we understand the importance of an effective accounts payable processing strategy, which is why we developed PAYBOX® AP. A transformative, end-to-end platform, PAYBOX® AP solves the complex nature of accounts payable processing, giving you a viable, highly scalable and user-friendly solution.

Our technology offers best-in-class solution, and has helped some of world’s largest financial organizations achieve measurable business outcomes.

You know what we can provide. We want to hear what you need. To learn more about the AP automation benefits you can achieve with PAYBOX® AP, contact us today.

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