Dispute Management

PAYBOX's AP service offers powerful tools that speed the resolution of supplier disputes. With PAYBOX® AP Dispute Management, suppliers can initiate invoice disputes and inquiries online at the invoice or line-item level. Disputes are automatically routed via configurable enterprise workflow to the appropriate AP processor for review and resolution; online dispute history displays the status of all dispute requests. Robust reporting is available around all aspects of the dispute process and any data related to the supplier or dispute that is captured. Online archiving provides ease of access for audit purposes up to and beyond seven years.

Key Dispute Management Features:

  • Users may initiate invoice disputes/inquiries at the invoice or line-item level
  • Dispute information -- including dispute reason code, dispute date/time, descriptive text, dispute amount, disputed invoice number, account number and any associated attachments -- is digitally archived
  • Provides real-time visibility into disputed invoices
  • Displays dispute history
  • Users can search/filter disputes by multiple search criteria
  • Enables users to drill down into dispute details
  • Suppliers and AP users can attach supporting documents to disputes which will be visible to anyone viewing the dispute or the history
  • Disputes can be extracted to other third-party systems if required for archiving or other purposes
  • Allows for payment of non-disputed invoice amounts
  • Configurable dispute management rules
  • Configurable review and approval workflow
  • Configurable workflow business rules
  • Configurable workflow notifications and escalation business rules
  • Reporting on any aspect of disputes by supplier, location, product, etc.

Dispute Management Benefits:

  • Accelerate dispute resolution
  • Reduce dispute processing costs
  • Eliminate manual handling of paper
  • Eliminate manual keying of dispute data
  • Reduce phone and email inquiries related to dispute status
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate dispute submissions
  • Increase supplier satisfaction