SAP Vendor Profile Management

For SAP customers, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite includes fully integrated capabilities for SAP Company Profile and Vendor Management.

As the first e-invoicing solutions provider to offer integrated Company Profile and Vendor Management, Direct Insite can help its Global 3000 customers who use SAP reduce the amount of time, effort and cost associated with managing supplier or customer data.

SAP supplier profile management solutions also streamline activities for suppliers. Most suppliers prefer to manage vendor profiles on their own via a supplier portal, rather than having to complete tedious paperwork or play phone tag with a company representative. With Direct Insite's Company Profile and Vendor Management solutions for SAP, vendors can updates their profiles as necessary at any time, making sure that all supplier information is accurate and complete.

Important Benefits of Direct Insite's SAP Company Profile and Vendor Management Solution

In addition to streamlining workflow through a self-service supplier portal, SAP customers get many other benefits from capturing, cleaning, validating and maintain supplier information via an online portal. Better data improves all aspects of the AP supply chain, from invoice submission to spend management to business intelligence:

  • Suppliers can be invited to submit invoices electronically and register online to be part of a robust SAP supplier portal;
  • Existing suppliers or customers can be automatically and electronically notified of requests for additional information;
  • All collected information can be routed for approvals based on pre-defined business rules
  • Management gets real-time visibility into supplier or customer transaction data;
  • Tax compliance requirements are streamlined, with electronic submissions of vendor tax documents;
  • Workflow for internal procedures are automated, ensuring that defined processes are followed with limited manual intervention and freeing up resources for higher value tasks;
  • Vendor Profile Management also provides rich reporting on supplier and customer data, facilitating improved visibility and transparency into AP information and trends;
  • Role-based access makes data accessible by key stakeholder groups such as Procurement and Treasury, while preventing unauthorized access;
  • Ability to integrate into an add-on SAP E-Payments solution, powered by a PCI Compliant Payments Gateway, accelerates cash flow and safeguards all payment information; and
  • Integration into the core SAP ERP systems and other financial systems is automatic and seamless.

The Need for SAP Company Profile and Vendor Management Solutions

It's well known that SAP collects a lot of data. For example, when a purchase order is created or modified, SAP updates a vendor master record that contains information such as the vendor's name, address, language, phone numbers, tax numbers, terms of payment, payment methods, bank details, general ledger reconciliation accounts and purchasing data history.

While company profile and vendor data can be managed with native SAP tools, many SAP customers prefer to use a bolt-on financial supply chain automation application that is seamless integrated with SAP but offers ease of use and additional features that allow the company to extend the value of their SAP ERP system. This is largely because capturing and processing data within the core SAP system gets more difficult when there are complex business rules, external data sources, unstructured data and processing exceptions.

Towards this end, Direct Insite's SAP vendor management solution manages key SAP supplier data - including supplier and customer contacts and locations, remittance information, tax information, ownership information, diversity classifications, supplier classification, insurance and ISO certifications, banking information, payment terms, and contract information - with seamless integration into the SAP backend.

SAP Company Profile Management - Part of a Larger SAP AP Automation Solution

In extending its PAYBOX® e-invoicing suite with fully integrated capabilities for Company Profile Management, Direct Insite gives SAP customers a one-stop solution for suppliers and customers to register for electronic invoicing, submit invoices electronically, inquire about invoice and payment status, and log payment disputes. Other elements of the complete Direct Insite solution for SAP AP transformation include:

  • Invoice scanning and capture
  • Invoice approval workflow
  • Invoice dispute management
  • Early payment discount management
  • Invoice payment status
  • Reporting and analysis

SAP Certification for Supplier Profile Management

Direct Insite is a certified SAP partner. For existing SAP customers, Direct Insite provides a robust SAP e-invoicing solution that has been deployed at some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Getting Started with SAP Supplier Profile Management

With Direct Insite's solutions, partnerships and industry leadership in large enterprises and shared services environments, you can have every reason for confidence in selecting Direct Insite to be your SAP AP automation partner.

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