SAP Supplier Portals

With Direct Insite's PAYBOX® supplier portal, businesses running SAP can quickly begin receiving electronic invoices from their suppliers.

SAP Supplier Portal Functionality

Direct Insite's SAP supplier e-invoicing portal is used by some of the largest companies in the world. Features available in our SAP supplier portal include the following:

  • Vast Network of Participating Suppliers - With more than 300,000 companies registered in 100 countries, using over 35 currencies and transacting business in 17 languages, the odds are good that your suppliers are already familiar with the vendor portal and how it works.
  • Supplier Portal On-Boarding Assistance - Direct Insite's Supplier On-boarding Team works with buyers to get all of their suppliers enrolled, touting the solution's fee-free seller services.
  • Self-Service Invoice Inquiries - The SAP supplier portal is self-service. Vendors can check the status of invoices and payments on-demand, giving vendors the ability to find answers to their own inquiries while reducing inbound calls.
  • Flexible Invoice Receipt - The SAP vendor portal can receivs invoices electronically through Web form entry, "flipping" POs into invoices, uploading invoice data from within a spreadsheet, or directly from the suppliers' billing system in EDI or XML formats.
  • "Touch-less" Invoice Processing - Invoices can be posted electronically without operator intervention, using rules-driven validation to ensure invoices are compliant with purchase orders.
  • ERP Integration - The Direct Insite supplier invoice portal integrates with SAP, as well as with other important enterprise business applications.

An SAP Supplier Portal in Action: How Siemens Transformed AP with Direct Insite

Siemens Global Shared Services North America (GSS NA) is an SAP customer that has transformed its AP operations by using Direct Insite's PAYBOX® AP e-invoicing portal.

Before implementing Direct Insite's AP portal, Siemens was handling approximately 50,000 supplier inquiries per month resulting in the company having to manage a large call center. Siemens challenge was to find an innovative supplier e-invoicing and supplier self-service solution to increase the rate of electronic invoicing and decrease supplier inquiries and related call center costs.

Today, more than 50 business units of Siemens Corporation use the Direct Insite SAP supplier portal to electronically receive over 2 million invoices per year from nearly 100,000 suppliers worldwide.

Direct Insite's SAP supplier invoice portal solution has provided Siemens with significant tangible benefits:

  • Reduced AP costs: Since deploying PAYBOX®, Siemens reduced its average cost to process an invoice by 24 percent
  • Improved AP staff efficiency: Siemens now receives 73 percent of its invoices electronically and posts 63 percent of its invoices without operator intervention ("touch-less")
  • Increased AP processing productivity: Siemens reduced its invoice processing turnaround from a minimum of four days to 12 hours for electronic invoices and two and a half days for paper invoices.
  • Fewer supplier inquiries: Siemens reduced its number of supplier inquiries by 67 percent

Mission accomplished. Roderick Fields, Siemens Director of Disbursement Services, recently commented on the effectiveness of the Direct Insite SAP vendor portal, noting that "PAYBOX® has proven to be an effective tool in the transformation of our Accounts Payable automation initiatives with a goal of reducing paper handling, invoicing costs and supplier inquiries."

To learn more about how Siemens achieved these business results, read the Siemens AP automation case study, or contact us at 954.510.3750 and we can tell you how you can achieve similar results for your organization.

The Basics: Adding a Supplier Portal to SAP

ERP applications remain the transactional backbone of the financial supply chain, and SAP is clearly the market leader. Like most ERP companies, SAP has nurtured an extended automation ecosystem of SAP add-on product vendors whom SAP customers can turn to in order to quickly add needed business functionality.

Direct Insite, a market leader in AP automation, participates in this network of external software vendors offering bolt-on point solutions compatible with SAP. With Direct Insite's PAYBOX® hosted solutions, SAP customers can get access to a full suite of AP automation applications.

Our solutions have been battle-tested by some of the largest companies in the world, all of whom have reaped the benefits of a high-performing SAP supplier portal that offers flexible workflow, support for AP business rules, and transactional transparency -- critical components of any good SAP vendor portal solution that Direct Insite has fine-tuned to perfection over the course of many years. The results speak for themselves: some Direct Insite users report supplier adoption rates of more than 80 percent.

Reasons to Add an E-Invoicing Portal to SAP

Making the business case for an SAP supplier portal is relatively easy, given that there are so many benefits to giving suppliers access to an invoice portal. Important supplier portal benefits include:

  • Eliminate Paper. The portal reduces paper invoice handling Plus, there's no need to store, retrieve or destroy paper invoices.
  • Quick Implementation. Direct Insite's web-based solution eliminates the need to install software or hardware.
  • Give Vendors Self-Service Access to Invoice Status. Having an AP portal greatly reduces time-consuming inbound supplier inquiries.
  • Improve Supplier Relationships. Implementing an SAP supplier portal is a tested and proven way to enhance vendor relationships.
  • Bring Order to the AP Department. Chaos will no longer reign supreme in the AP group. The portal reduces day-to-day "noise level" -- freeing AP staff to focus on core activities.
  • Get More Out of the Core. Adding a supplier portal to your SAP installation extends the value of your core ERP system.
  • Easy Supplier Sign-Up. Any supplier, anywhere, can join. It couldn't be easier.
  • Rapid Supplier Enrollment. Direct Insite offers a proven supplier on-boarding program for improving adoption rates.
  • Financial Clarity. Implementing a supplier portal improves financial control and invoice transparency.
  • World-class Security. Direct Invoices allows its customers to securely receive invoices from anywhere in the world.
  • Legal Compliance. The system validates invoices against business rules, allowing companies to automatically receive legally compliant e-invoices into their accounting system -- and flagging any exceptions.

Desirable SAP Supplier Portal Features:

With more than 300,000 registered companies on our e-invoicing network, support for foreign languages and currencies, and a marquee client list that includes some of the top companies in the world (e.g. Siemens, IBM, Shell, etc.), Direct Insite's SAP supplier portal is ideal for Global 3000 enterprises and the companies that do business with them.

Still, it's critical to do your homework as part of your SAP portal procurement process. Before buying an SAP supplier portal standalone or bolt-on solution, be sure to ask these important questions:

  • Is the vendor SAP certified?
  • Does the SAP vendor portal allow supplier self-registration and password management?
  • Does the SAP portal provide real-time, highly secure 24x7 visibility to invoice and payment status updates?
  • Does the supplier portal offer optional invoice scanning and capture capabilities for "Zero Footprint "Invoice Processing?
  • How good is the online help system for the portal?
  • Does the supplier portal feature set include form-fill, spreadsheet upload, and "PO flip" capabilities?
  • Are there add-on accounts receivable and payments capabilities?
  • Is there a centralized archive for invoice and purchase order information?
  • Does the product also handle supplier profile management (payment remittance data, contact information, email address)?

Implementing an SAP Supplier Portal: It's Time to Get Started!

In the market for an automated accounts payable SAP solution, an SAP supplier portal or a full SAP AP automation system? Selecting an SAP vendor invoice self-service solution requires a strong partner, detailed business requirements, and careful diligence in evaluating the various options for implementing an SAP supplier portal.

Direct Insite experts can help you define the requirements for your SAP supplier portal, with a tailored transformation strategy to increase visibility into financial information, capture more supplier discounts, reduce transaction costs, and take considerable pressure off of your operations. To learn more, please call us at 954-510-3750.

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