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The proper alignment of procurement and accounts payable is a key benchmark in the creation of an efficient financial supply chain. SAP procurement software enables enterprises and SAP users to achieve greater control over invoicing and is a proven driver of improved business outcomes.

Leveraging SAP Procurement Software for Better Enterprise Performance

In a competitive economy, better cash flow and increased control over payables directly impacts the liquidity and sustainability of your enterprise. More than ever before, sophisticated organizations are leveraging technology that combines electronic invoicing and invoice imaging to create a unified management resource for both paper and electronic invoices.

Growth-minded organizations are also targeting solutions that facilitate improved communication and collaboration between procurement and accounts payable stakeholders. With enhanced enterprise performance and increased financial supply chain efficiency in their sights, Global 3000 companies are leveraging the advanced functionality and flexibility provided by Direct Insite's hosted SAP procurement solutions.

Building a Business Case for SAP Procurement Software

Best-in-class SAP procurement software has the potential to deliver meaningful improvements in enterprise AP environments. Through the automation of existing processes and integration with enterprise systems, SAP procurement software has been shown to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and create tighter alignment between AP and procurement functions.

When building a business case for SAP procurement software and AP automation solutions, there are several issues and concerns that point to opportunities for improved performance and bottom line business outcomes.

If any of the following conditions currently exist in your enterprise, it's likely that SAP procurement software can deliver real dollar savings and net gains in operational efficiency:

  • Misalignment of AP and procurement functions
  • Missed opportunities for p-card usage
  • Inability to properly analyze spend
  • Lack of control over purchasing or contract compliance
  • Poor coordination between purchasing and supplier agreements
  • Inability to capture discounts via accelerated invoice processing opportunities

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® SAP e-invoicing platform solves your organization's most pressing procurement and accounts payable challenges, equipping you with SAP procurement solutions that manage the flow of data and provide real-time visibility into the alignment of accounts payable and purchasing activities across the enterprise.

Key Features of World-Class SAP Procurement Software Solutions

Direct Insite's SAP procurement software is used by a marquee list of Global 3000 companies, providing first-rate AP automation technology for leading enterprises around the world. But although Direct Insite's track record is impressive, it's important to conduct your own research to determine which SAP procurement solution is right for your organization.

When selecting SAP procurement technology, there are several questions that you need to ask prospective vendors:

  • Will the solution integrate with my existing SAP ERP or purchasing system?
  • Does the vendor offer support for shared services environments?
  • Can the technology deliver POs electronically to suppliers?
  • Can suppliers automatically convert POs to invoices?
  • Does the solution provide advanced validation and invoice/PO matching?
  • Are there any automated dispute management tools?
  • How does the solution facilitate the capture of supplier discounts?

SAP Certification for AP Automation Vendors

SAP certification is a fundamental requirement for leading vendors of SAP procurement software solutions. Direct Insite is proud to be a certified SAP partner with a long history of helping SAP users successfully integrate advanced procurement and e-invoicing solutions into their existing ERP environments.

Getting Started with SAP Procurement Software

There is no denying the fact that SAP procurement software can reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase the performance of your organization's financial supply chain. To take the next step or to schedule a consultation, please call us at 954-510-3750.

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