SAP Invoicing Scan and Capture Solutions

To deliver an end-to-end invoice automation solution and to support our Global 3000 customers who use SAP, Direct Insite has built strong partnerships with the top scanning and data capture services vendors.

These tools are rich in functionality, with the ability to scan, index, quality review, and export invoices and related documents. Most offer full page optical character recognition and sophisticated image cleanup tools.

The flexible architecture of Direct Insite's AP automation solutions allows us to work with any document scanning interfaces, OCR engine, or invoice capture system. We also can accept invoices from invoice scanning and document imaging service bureaus.

The Business Case for SAP Invoice Scanning and Data Capture

Surprisingly, a large portion of the SAP user community still relies on paper-based invoice processes. Unfortunately, it is this overreliance on paper-based processes that presents the biggest challenges to efficient accounts payable workflow and invoice management. Scanning and data capture mitigates the downside of paper invoices. Specifically, it reduces the number of paper invoices and is an important part of any enterprise AP automation initiative. Other important benefits of SAP invoice scanning include:

  • Labor Cost Savings. AP departments using SAP invoice scanning solutions lower their labor costs by eliminating or greatly reducing manual keying. Research suggests that combining OCR and human data verification yields the lowest data error rates at optimal AP processing costs.
  • No Invoice Processing Bottlenecks. Any volume of domestic and foreign invoices can be processed, provided that SAP invoice scanning and data capture solutions are properly configured. Many document imaging systems have a built-in knowledge base that can be trained on different invoice types to yield an exceptionally high automation rate.
  • Data Extraction Quantity and Quality Improvements. Using automated invoice scanning procedures, more business data can be extracted than would be captured if invoices were processed manually. Errors in invoice data entry are typically reduced, resulting in fewer downstream issues (e.g. supplier disputes). Invoices without OCR errors can be automatically forwarded for "touch-less" invoice processing.
  • Better Compliance. Companies can implement compliance checks based on data extracted from invoices. AP automation technology, coupled with more accurate data, allows more sophisticated business rules to be implemented and ensures that all business rules and compliance requirements are enforced.
  • No Missing Invoices. For many enterprise organizations, a valuable benefit of automating the invoice receipt process is fewer lost or missing invoices. This facilitates better supplier relationships, lowers supplier inquiries, and enables improved discount capture.
  • Invoice Access and Visibility. Invoice automation facilitates immediate visibility of all scanned invoices, making invoices accessible and actionable to all authorized personnel, regardless of time zone or geography.

From Invoice Scanning and Data Capture to Full-Featured SAP AP Automation

After having invested in invoice scanning solutions, most organizations want to make electronic invoices and images of scanned invoices available via a portal. This is the next step in the progress to full AP automation, and it is a core capability that Direct Insite offers to the SAP user community.

Direct Insite provides organizations running SAP with an SAP certified modular solution for all of their invoice processing needs -- no matter what format the invoice is received or how far along they are in automating their invoice processing. When combined with invoice scanning and data capture services, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite offers users a platform for end-to-end SAP AP automation.

With the combined solution of Direct Insite and its scanning partners, companies reduce costs, achieve real-time cash flow visibility, and spend less time processing invoices and more time on core competencies.

Supported SAP Document Scanning Solutions

When it comes to SAP enterprise scanning solutions, there are many vendors. Although many scanning solutions claim to provide full AP automation capabilities, that feature set is limited as compared to dedicated, end-to-end AP automation solutions like those of Direct Insite.

Typically, Direct Insite works with companies that have developed SAP-certified solutions for the scanning and integration of invoices to SAP but we have also worked with SAP invoice scanning solutions that are not certified by SAP.

SAP Invoice Capture Service Bureaus

Rather than implementing invoice capture systems in-house, many SAP customers opt to use a service bureau. Direct Insite's solutions are also easily integrated with invoices that are scanned by third-party invoice scanning services, including:

  • Data Dimensions
  • Recordsforce
  • Diversified
  • Scanning America
  • Xerox
  • BancTec
  • ScanOne
  • Scantek
  • The DDC Group

Always Choose SAP-Certified AP Automation Vendors

When it comes to AP automation, it pays to work with a certified SAP partner. Direct Insite's PAYBOX® solution has achieved certified integration with SAP applications, which means it is certified to interoperate in real-time with key SAP functions that support SAP procure-to-pay and order-to-cash related services. We are well-positioned to help you leverage your investment in SAP and any document imaging solutions to improve your ROI with advanced AP automation capabilities.

Extend the Power of Your SAP Invoice Scanning Solution

Most SAP-powered enterprises start with simple invoice scanning and capture before they move on to implement a more powerful, comprehensive end-to-end AP automation solution. When the time comes to make that transition, the right choice is Direct Insite. For more information or to arrange for a private consultation and overview of Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite, please call 954-510-3750.

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