SAP Electronic Payment

Forward-thinking enterprises are prioritizing the implementing of SAP e-Payment solutions as a way to strengthen customer relationships, speed up credit and collections, and generate improved DSO. Direct Insite’s SAP ePayment solution is best-in-class technology featuring an invoice-centric approach to payments, granular integration with advanced e-invoicing functionality and full PCI compliance.

The Need for SAP e-Payments

The collection and monitoring of payments can be a source of inefficiency in large organizations, jeopardizing the enterprise’s ability to maintain an agile financial supply chain as well as the quality of the company’s relationships with customers.

With more and more organization’s integrating accounts receivable functions with their existing SAP systems, SAP e-Payment is a logical extension of the push for increased AR automation and e-invoicing solutions.

But is an SAP e-Payment solution right for your enterprise? Here are some of the most common pain points experienced by organizations that can benefit from the deployment of SAP e-Payments technology:

  • Manual handling of paper-based payments
  • Limited visibility of scheduled payments for cash flow forecasting
  • High interchange fees
  • High exceptions handling and cash application costs
  • Inefficient and expensive collections processes
  • Concerns around PCI compliance

Understandably, security concerns and PCI compliance are critical concerns in the deployment of SAP payments automation. A robust SAP e-Payment solution can also help your organization address several important concerns in the area of PCI compliance and payment security:

  • Incidents of electronic payment fraud
  • Vulnerability of cardholder information or identity
  • Weak security procedures
  • Audit or certification requirements of Visa Payment Networks

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform offers an SAP e-Payment solution that addresses your organization’s most critical payment issues, creating an efficient and secure payments process that improves both financial supply chain performance and customer satisfaction.

Leveraging Best-in-Class SAP e-Payment Technology

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® Payment portal securely handles the disbursement, receipt and processing of customer payments submitted via credit card or the ACH network. Customers have the option of scheduling and submitting payment for single or batched invoices with each transaction. Just as importantly, PAYBOX® Payment portal automatically synchronizes payments made via the SAP e-Payment solution with your existing ERP system.

As a PCI-compliant e-Payment gateway, PAYBOX® Payment portal protects secure customer data and virtually eliminates the potential for electronic payment fraud. No sensitive data related to merchants’ services are ever stored within specific merchant’s firewalls, ensuring total compliance with PCI requirements.

Additional features of Direct Insite’s SAP e-Payment portal include:

  • Ability to accept international and domestic credit card and ACH payments
  • Business-to-business and electronic commerce transaction processing
  • Fast, real-time credit card authorization and authorization visibility
  • Ability to accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and Discover cards
  • Customization of recurring or scheduled payments
  • Automated payment posting
  • Visibility to full payments histories and transaction reports
  • Level-3 credit card data for reduced interchange fees
  • Convenient payment notifications
  • Comprehensive PCI compliance
  • Robust payment tracking and auditing tools

The deployment of Direct Insite’s Invoice On-Line™ Payment service gives your organization a proven and ready-made tool for streamlining the receipt and monitoring of payments made in a variety of ways. For SAP customers, Direct Insite’s SAP e-Payment solution represents an important step in the quest to create an efficient and automated SAP AR environment.

SAP Certification for AR Automation Vendors

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform and SAP e-Payment solution have been certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center. As a certified SAP partner, Direct Insite is committed to providing your enterprise with a capable SAP e-Payment solution —a commitment that is supported by our track record of successful SAP e-Payments deployments for some of the world’s largest enterprise organizations.

Getting Started with SAP e-Payment

SAP e-Payment is a logical next step for organizations interested in making the most of their SAP investments. For more information or to schedule a private consultation, please give us a call at 954-510-3750.

SAP e-Payments