SAP E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable

SAP e-invoicing for accounts receivable is a necessary step in the evolution of your organization's financial supply chain. Manual, paper-invoiced invoice management is too inefficient and time-consuming. By implementing Direct Insite's SAP E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable solution, you can create a highly integrated and efficient environment for generating, distributing and managing invoices.

The Business Case for SAP AR Automation

It's no secret that technology is transforming the way enterprises address complex operational requirements, including the management of financial supply chains.

But far too many organizations still rely on paper-based invoicing in their accounts receivable and order-to-cash processes. The use of paper invoicing and manual processing requirements is especially troublesome for SAP customers because the right add-on AR automation technology can produce a highly integrated system capable of delivering superior performance across multiple business units.

Without SAP AR automation and e-invoicing solutions, enterprises typically experience several operational concerns and competitive disadvantages:

  • High manual invoice processing requirements
  • Elevated costs on a per-invoice basis
  • Inability to efficiently resolve invoice disputes
  • Lack of real-time visibility to key metrics like invoices outstanding
  • Limited ability to configure AR workflows
  • Inaccessibility of archived dispute information, payment history and other data

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite is a sophisticated SAP e-invoicing for accounts receivable solution that addresses critical pain points in your organization's AR cycle. By enabling you to automatically convert purchase orders and sales orders into preliminary invoices (subject to configurable review workflows) and automating the resolution of disputed invoices, PAYBOX® provides your enterprise with world-class functionality as well as seamless integration with your existing SAP ERP system.

Leveraging SAP E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable

Best-in-class SAP AR automation solutions provide several key benefits to enterprise organizations including:

  • Lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Faster resolution of disputed invoices
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improved reporting, metrics and AR analysis

But not all accounts payable solutions offer the same features and capabilities. Direct Insite's SAP AR e-invoicing solutions have been built to seamlessly integrate with SAP ERP systems and to provide a comprehensive slate of features designed to meet the complex business requirements of large organizations.

  • Certified integration with SAP ERP system
  • Invoice review and release workflow
  • Ability to configure payer invoice and approval workflows
  • Customized workflow notifications and escalation rules
  • Invoice and line-item level inquiries and dispute actions
  • Digitally archived dispute information that includes reason codes, descriptions, invoice and account numbers, and other data fields
  • Configurable dispute management rules and the ability to export data to a third-party dispute management system
  • Easy payment process for non-disputed invoices

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform is simply the most elegant and advanced way to manage accounts receivable and to implement SAP e-invoicing for accounts receivable in your enterprise. From start to finish, PAYBOX® combines cutting edge automation with the power of your SAP ERP system to drive efficiency, cost savings and performance across your financial supply chain.

SAP Certification for AR Automation Vendors

SAP certification is a high priority in the selection of SAP AR automation vendors. As a certified SAP partner, Direct Insite meets or exceeds certification standards, ensuring that your SAP e-invoicing for accounts receivable solution functions at the highest possible level.

Direct Insite's SAP e-invoicing accounts receivable has been implemented by some of the world's largest enterprises, and the SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified PAYBOX® 3.0 for integration with SAP ERP 6.0 and instances of SAP Business Suite software.

Ready to take the next step in SAP E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable?

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