SAP Electronic Invoicing

For many SAP customers focused on process improvement, streamlining accounts payable is a top priority. As such, the implementation of SAP electronic invoicing (SAP e-invoicing) is now a must-have item for many Global 3000 shared services executives who want to improve AP operations while simultaneously extending the value and reducing the total cost of ownership of their SAP ERP applications.

Benefits of SAP E-Invoicing

For those who understand the power of AP automation, it's no surprise that automated accounts payable solutions and e-invoicing are now driving the financial supply chain strategies of the top Global 3000 enterprises that have implemented SAP's powerful ERP software. After all, augmenting SAP with a best-of-breed e-invoicing solution has proven to deliver an exceptional payback, including the following key benefits:

  • Improved accuracy;
  • Faster invoice processing times;
  • Better discount capture;
  • More efficient labor costs;
  • Reduced invoice cycle times;
  • Enhanced supplier relationships;
  • Better capture of early payment discounts;
  • Reduced PO and invoice transaction costs;
  • Increased touch-less invoice processing;
  • Reduced PO and invoice mismatches; and
  • Fewer invoice data entry errors

How Direct Insite's SAP E-Invoicing Works

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing portal integrates with SAP and is delivered via the cloud. The platform provides a powerful yet flexible solution for purchase order delivery, electronic invoice submission, invoice processing for accounts payable and purchase-to-pay, and more.

With Direct Insite's SAP AP automation solution, purchase orders can be routed directly to suppliers, with electronic notification. Through the PAYBOX® e-invoicing portal, suppliers can print or download purchase orders for their own records, flip a purchase order into an invoice, or use a line-item editing form to adjust line items on a purchase order. The platform then systematically tracks and updates individual purchase orders and their corresponding invoices.

Suppliers can also log into the supplier portal to create non PO-based invoices. They can also check on the status of an invoice and verify its accuracy, resulting in fewer supplier inquiries and lower manpower requirements.

Of course, every Global 3000 enterprise is different. The system is highly configurable and can handle most any enterprise workflow. Business rules can be defined to do things like route approvals for high-value invoices, and the appropriate workflows are then triggered based on the business rules.

SAP E-Invoicing Submission Formats

For SAP enterprises that wish to move to SAP electronic invoicing, there is often a misperception that once SAP e-invoicing software is implemented, every single supplier invoice must be submitted electronically, without exception. The reality is that most Global 3000 companies that pursue SAP electronic invoicing take a phased approach, gradually moving from processing mostly paper-based invoices to the ultimate goal wherein all invoices are processed electronically in a "touch-less" AP automation environment.

Accordingly, Direct Insite's AP automation solutions process invoices that are submitted electronically via the SAP supplier portal but the system can still handle paper-based invoices, uploaded spreadsheet invoices, scanned invoices, invoice image upload, client-specific flat files, invoices submitted via XML documents and invoices submitted via EDI. This versatility allows SAP customers to implement SAP e-invoicing at their own pace based on business needs and priorities. Moreover, the ability to handle many different receipt methods provides the flexibility to accommodate small, medium and large suppliers.

Supplier Onboarding for SAP E-Invoicing

To accelerate the transition to higher rates of electronic invoice submission, supplier onboarding for SAP electronic invoicing is critically important. AP automation is a complex change management challenge, both internally and externally. A supplier outreach and communications program must be defined and efficiently executed. Towards this end, Direct Insite provides a team of calling specialists, business analysts, and project management professionals to assist our customers in transitioning suppliers into the new SAP e-invoicing system.

Important Evaluation Criteria for SAP E-Invoicing Solutions

Global 3000 enterprises that are evaluating electronic invoicing solutions for SAP should ask the following questions:

  • Is your AP automation solution ERP agnostic and fully compatible with our SAP ERP system?
  • Does your system work with top-tier, third-party invoice scanning and data capture solutions?
  • How do you handle the electronic delivery of POs?
  • Does your solution provide automatic notifications upon invoice receipt?
  • Is there an ability to flip POs to electronic invoices?
  • How well does the system handle international invoices and foreign currencies?
  • What business rules can be setup and how does the e-invoicing solution handle business rule validation and compliance?
  • Do you support all forms of electronic invoice receipt, including web form entry, image upload, PO flip, EDI, XML, and flat file receipt?
  • Can your AP automation software handle spreadsheet uploads and download Excel invoice submissions?
  • What happens if vendors have invoice attachments that they need to send us?
  • What functionality is available for PO line-item matching?
  • Does the system allow for line item detail drill down?
  • When you upgrade your AP automation software, how quickly will we get access to the new databases and what do we need to do to upgrade?
  • What is your pricing model for your SAP e-invoicing solutions?

Certification for SAP E-Invoicing Vendors

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® integrates with SAP to exchange critical data with instances of SAP Business Suite software. For existing SAP customers, Direct Insite provides a robust SAP e-invoicing solution that has been deployed at some of the largest enterprises in the world. Features of our SAP-compatible AP automation solutions include automating the receipt and capture of paper and electronic invoices, managing workflows for routing transactions through approval processes, exceptions handling and dispute management, and enabling the distribution and processing of electronic payments.

Procuring an SAP E-Invoicing Solution

Implementing SAP e-invoicing is a smart move for any Global 3000 enterprise. For an initial discussion of your needs and our capabilities, please call 954-510-3750.

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