SAP Customer Portals

Every instance of manual, human intervention bogs down your organization's financial supply chain, breeding inefficiencies and inaccuracies across the AR function. Direct Insite's SAP customer portals create a more efficient and more effective accounts receivable process by providing a broad range of self-serve capabilities for your customers.

With Direct Insite's SAP customer portals, call center personnel no longer need to waste time on mundane tasks and activities. Instead, customers are equipped with a convenient, user-based access point that delivers real-time visibility to invoices, payment histories, disputed invoices and other information associated with their financial relationship to your organization.

Reasons Why You Need SAP Customer Portals

Across all industries, large enterprise organizations are leveraging SAP AR automation to achieve operational and business advantages. The deployment of world-class solutions, like Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing platform, is enabling these organizations to build robust financial supply chain systems capable of handling the rigors and challenges of highly competitive markets.

For SAP customers that have not yet implemented accounts receivable automation technology, SAP customer portals can represent an important step in the creation of streamlined AR and order-to-cash processes.

Some the common signs that Direct Insite's SAP customer portals may be right for your business include:

  • High volumes of customer service calls
  • Exorbitant costs related to collection calls
  • Lack of customer-facing interactive invoice data
  • Inability to efficiently provide invoice and attachment reprints
  • Low levels of customer satisfaction attributable to AR processes

Direct Insite's SAP customer portals create a win-win scenario for your enterprise. In addition to lowering costs and increasing operational efficiency, PAYBOX® gives your customers a powerful tool for managing payments and invoices--resulting in more satisfied customers and a vastly improved customer experience.

Desirable Features of SAP Customer Portals

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® SAP customer portals equip your customers with online tools and a decision tree that empowers them to identify self-help answers to their invoice and dispute-related inquiries. Featuring robust security protocols and customer login credentials, Direct Insite's SAP customer portals have been deployed in some of the world's largest enterprises.

When shopping for an SAP customer portals solution, it's important to make sure that the technology you select meets your specific business requirements and incorporates advanced SAP AR automation features.

  • To ensure the quality and performance of your SAP customer portals solution, there are several questions you will need to ask prospective vendors about candidate technologies:
  • Does the vendor offer single sign-on access from a user-friendly, centralized portal?
  • Does the solution provide user-based access to invoices and payment histories?
  • Are there search features that allow customers to conveniently locate current and past e-invoices or disputed items using multiple search criteria?
  • Can customers drill down into invoice header and line-item detail?
  • Does the technology leverage strong customer registration and user password protocols?
  • Can customers easily download invoice reprints as PDFs or spreadsheets?
  • Does the vendor provide extensive FAQ support and online help?

Although selection criteria may vary according to your organizations unique needs and preferences, best-in-class SAP customer portals should offer all of these important features and capabilities.

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing and SAP customer portals solution is proven technology that provides your organization with a combination of advanced self-serve tools and configuration options, supporting your efforts to create a convenient and tailored accounts receivable experience for your customers.

SAP Certification for AR Automation Vendors

The push for enhanced SAP AR automation is driving competition in the technology marketplace. Yet many SAP customer portals solutions lack the quality and performance attributes SAP users have come to expect from critical system technologies.

As a certified SAP partner, Direct Insite offers the assurance of a highly integrated and high-performing SAP e-invoicing and customer portal solution. The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite to integrate with key SAP functions and with SAP ERP 6.0. Deployed by many of the world's largest enterprise organizations, PAYBOX® is the right choice for enterprises interested in improving their financial supply chains with SAP customer portals technology.

Can't Wait to Get Started with SAP Customer Portals?

The sooner you implement SAP customer portals, the faster your enterprise will be able to leverage the many benefits of SAP AR automation. To learn more about SAP customer portals or to schedule a private consultation, call us at 954-510-3750.

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