SAP Accounts Payable Workflow Management

In competitive business environments, the elimination of paper-based workflows is critical for improving operational efficiency and performance. Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing platform streamlines payment processing by giving SAP users a more effective way to address SAP accounts payable workflow management requirements.

Why SAP Accounts Payable Workflow Management Matters

Invoice automation is an essential part of the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) cycle--a key ingredient in the effort to create a fully automated AP environment that lives up to the potential of Straight Through Processing (STP) and minimizes human intervention across the AP cycle.

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform delivers SAP AP automation by enabling efficiency-minded organizations to achieve several important outcomes:

  • Lower transaction costs. The elimination of human contact lowers the per-transaction cost of AP processing for SAP users.
  • Faster processing times. By combining the benefits of electronic invoicing and automated workflow matching, Direct Insite's SAP workflow management platform provides faster payment processing.
  • Greater accuracy (fewer misplaced documents). Opportunities for lost documents and clerical errors are virtually eliminated with invoice automation.
  • Improved regulatory and contract compliance. From POs and contracts to third-party regulators, SAP accounts payable workflow management facilitates three-way matching and dramatically improves compliance across the enterprise.
  • Advanced financial operations. Direct Insite's PAYBOX® for SAP AP workflow management allows your enterprise to maintain an advanced and tailored financial operation, especially when compared to generic ECM solutions.
  • Document security. The absence of paper documents exponentially increases the security of sensitive documents, ensuring that the wrong people don't have access to protected information.
  • Increased supplier satisfaction. Direct Insite's SAP accounts payable workflow management platform has been shown to improve supplier satisfaction by providing an easier and faster payments ecosystem.
  • Ability to focus on core business activities. One of the most important outcomes of Direct Insite's workflow management solution for SAP users is that it enables your staff to focus on core business activities rather than mundane paperwork requirements.

SAP Accounts Payable Workflow Management Made Simple

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing platform streamlines and simplifies AP workflow management by providing seamless, real-time integration with SAP ERP solutions.

In addition to equipping enterprises with improved financial supply chain visibility and increased data accuracy, PAYBOX® offers a robust platform for approving invoices, resolving disputes, managing exceptions and performing other processes that are critical to the integrity of your organization's accounts payable cycle.

In large organizations, AP efficiency often boils down to the ability to route invoices to the right stakeholders at the appropriate times. PAYBOX® manages Level of Authority (LOA) information (including information from third-party solutions) to make sure that invoices are routed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

When dealing with non-PO invoices, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform enables specified users to review and accept/reject invoices in accordance with pre-defined approval criteria, ensuring routing accuracy above and beyond LOA standards.

From start to finish, PAYBOX® automates SAP accounts payable workflow management. Other SAP AP automation capabilities include invoice imaging, approval workflow, data capture, eProcurement, e-invoice portals, supplier/vendor collaboration and discounting.

Must-Have Features in SAP Accounts Payable Automation

When selecting SAP accounts payable workflow management solutions, it's important to narrow your search to applications that are truly robust and capable of providing a range of features that are necessary to manage AP workflows in complex financial organizations.

Although available features may vary by technology vendor, there are several must-have features to look for in best-in-class workforce management solutions.

  • End-to-End Invoice Management -- workflows for review, approving and processing invoices as well as the ability to view compliance documents like POs and agreements
  • Customization -- the ability to create role-based workflow configurations and workflow notifications based on the unique requirements of your enterprise
  • Acceptance Criteria -- the ability to facilitate three-way matching and other compliance requirements
  • Automated Routing -- routing of non-compliant invoices for resolution and the adjustment of workflows using LOA information, including integration with third-party solutions (e.g. PeopleSoft)
  • Reporting -- the best SAP AP workflow management solutions provide detailed reporting on all workflow processes and the ability to tailor reports to organizational requirements
  • Audit Support -- workflow management technology needs to support audit rules (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance) and provide a convenient user interface that enables you to prescribe business rules and validation

SAP Certification for AP Automation Vendors

SAP AP automation has the potential to deliver substantial benefits to your enterprise. But it's important to make sure that you partner with an SAP-certified vendor for your AP automation technology. Direct Insite is an approved SAP partner and PAYBOX® has been certified to integrate with SAP applications, ensuring the integrity of real-time operations with functions related to SAP procure-to-pay and order-to-cash services. Additionally, SAP has certified the integration of PAYBOX® 3.0 with SAP ERP 6.0 to facilitate the transfer of data with SAP Business Suite software.

Improving SAP AP Workflow

Let Direct Insite help you take invoicing beyond transaction processing into strategic "value-added" activities. To learn how Direct Insite and PAYBOX® can help your enterprise improve efficiency, reduce costs and create a more effective SAP accounts payable environment, call us today at 954-510-3750.

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