SAP Accounts Payable Dispute Management

Invoice disputes present a serious problem for SAP customers, sapping precious time and focus away from core business activities. In many cases, paper-based processes and dispute resolution routines become a choke point in the enterprise's financial supply chain and a hindrance to the achievement of targeted benchmarks in operational efficiency.

Direct Insite's SAP accounts payable dispute management solutions can be a boon to AP efficiency across the enterprise. By automating the SAP dispute management cycle, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite equips your enterprise with powerful tools designed to streamline the SAP dispute management process and improve the integrity of your organization's financial supply chain.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Accounts Payable Supplier Disputes

Within enterprises that run SAP but have not yet procured an add-on AP automation solution, most invoice disputes stem from the enterprise's overreliance on people and paper-based processes. The SAP ERP system does its job, but inefficient workflows outside of the SAP ERP system can still result in errors.

Without an SAP AP automation solution, every touch point that requires human intervention represents an opportunity for additional errors. As the number of touches increase, so do the number of errors that populate your dispute management processes. The result is an unnecessarily high volume of inquiries from suppliers--inquiries that consume further resources, raise AP costs, destroy supplier loyalty and add to the enterprise's overall inefficiency.

To optimize the efficiency of the financial supply chain, it's critical to reduce the number of opportunities for human contact and minimizing your organization's reliance of paper processing through the use of an automated SAP AP dispute management solution.

Signs That Your Organization Needs SAP AP Dispute Management Automation

The automation of AP dispute management processes should be a priority for any organization that currently relies on cumbersome, paper-based processes to resolve invoice disputes. But dispute management automation is especially important for SAP users with payment systems that are currently underperforming due to dispute management inefficiencies.

Specifically, there are several clear signs that it may be time to consider implementing an add-on AP automation solution like Direct Insite's PAYBOX® service to your SAP ERP system:

  • Slow or delayed dispute resolution times
  • High processing costs for invoice disputes
  • An over-reliance on paper-based processes
  • Manual keying requirements for dispute-related data
  • High volumes of emails or phone inquiries regarding invoice disputes
  • The presence of duplicate dispute entries or submissions
  • Dissatisfied suppliers and vendors

Improving the Speed of SAP AP Dispute Resolution

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® service significantly reduces the amount of time and effort it takes for SAP users to resolve invoice disputes.

By enabling suppliers to submit dispute inquiries electronically and upload inquiry attachments, the PAYBOX® suite eliminates manual keying and processing requirements for the paperwork that is typically associated with a disputed invoice. Inquiries can be submitted at either the invoice or line-item level, giving your suppliers the flexibility they need to accurately pinpoint disputed payables.

After the supplier has submitted the inquiry into the system, it is automatically logged and routed via configurable enterprise workflow to the appropriate reviewer in your organization, leveraging the user-defined rules you establish for the review and resolution of disputed invoices.

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® service delivers added value to SAP AP automation with strong reporting tools that provide a 360-degree view of the status of all dispute requests. PAYBOX® reporting offers unique visibility to all data captured around disputed invoices and archives that data online for a period of seven years, ensuring seamless data access for audits and other purposes.

Selecting an SAP AP Dispute Management Solution Vendor

The right SAP dispute management service can transform your AP environment by reducing the time and expense it takes to resolve supplier disputes. But not all dispute management solutions are the same, so it's important to make sure that your SAP AP dispute management automation vendor offers truly robust technology capable of meeting the demands of your SAP operating environment.

  • Supplier Convenience -- vendors and suppliers can electronically submit dispute inquiries at either the invoice or line-item level
  • Detailed Dispute Information -- dispute submissions can contain dispute codes, descriptions, invoice numbers, account numbers, attachments and other information necessary for timely resolution
  • Search -- AP stakeholders can filter or search disputed invoices using multiple criteria and easily access the details for disputed invoices
  • Configurations -- SAP AP dispute management solutions should be configurable to your organization's preferred review/approval workflows, business rules and workflow notifications
  • Monitoring & Reporting -- In addition to providing real-time visibility into the status of disputed invoices, your service should offer reporting on all aspect of the dispute management process and quick access to all of the information associated with disputed invoices

SAP Certification for AP Automation Vendors

SAP accounts payable dispute management is too important to trust to non-certified technology vendors. Direct Insite is a certified SAP partner with a proven track record in providing robust SAP e-invoicing solutions to the world's largest enterprises. We have the experience and credentials to increase the value of your SAP investments by incorporating best-in-class dispute management automation into your financial services supply chain.

Getting Started with SAP Accounts Payable Dispute Management

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® can reduce the amount of time and money your enterprise spends on the resolution of disputed invoices. For more information about our SAP AP Dispute Management service, please call us at 954-510-3750.

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