SAP Accounts Payable Discount Management

SAP accounts payable discount management tools give SAP users the visibility and the information they need to take advantage of all available discounts. By leveraging the advantages of SAP AP automation, organizations can achieve several important benefits including improved cash flow, predictable payment schedules and fewer lost discount opportunities.

Creating a More Accurate SAP Discount Capture Environment

Discount capture is an important part of effective financial supply chain management. Real-time visibility to available AP discounts enables your enterprise to maximize the impact of budgeted dollars by reducing the amount of profit leakage attributable to missed discount opportunities.

Direct Insite's SAP discount management solution improves the accuracy and visibility of your organization's discount management activities, enabling you to capture more discounts from your suppliers. By leveraging AP automation, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite streamlines the SAP discount management process through the effective use of secure and seamless data transfer capabilities.

Just as importantly, SAP accounts payable automation increases the return on your enterprise's SAP investment. With Direct Insite's discount management solution, enterprise organizations routinely achieve measurable gains in system accuracy and efficiency as well as improvements in spend visibility, discount capture and supplier relations.

Comprehensive SAP Accounts Payable Discount Management

The use of automated AP solutions to augment SAP ERP systems is becoming standard practice for organizations that need to leverage the financial supply chain as a driver of increased profitability and operational efficiency.

When it comes to AP discount management solutions, it's critical for your SAP AP automation solution to handle the full range of discounts that are available to your organization. At a minimum, your company's e-invoicing platform should be capable of managing the three most common types of payment discounts.

  • Pre-Established Discounts. When suppliers provide electronic invoice submissions via an online portal, your solution needs to capture pre-determined discount terms. These discounts should then be made visible to AP stakeholders when they access the portal, highlighting the invoice status, available discounts and the dollar value of discounts to the enterprise. Additionally, AP stakeholders must be able to easily select and pay discounted invoices (via multiple options), enabling your organization to seamlessly capture discount opportunities.
  • Early Payment Options. To facilitate the communication of discount opportunities, suppliers must be able to select available discounts from a list of options provided by your SAP discount management system. Leading AP automation technologies leverage PO flip and online form functionality to further streamline the presentation of early payment options when suppliers submit invoices through the e-invoicing portal. For added flexibility, discounts requested by suppliers should automatically take precedence over PO terms that have been previously negotiated.
  • Renegotiable or Dynamic Discounting. If the supplier would prefer to (re)negotiate discount terms, your SAP discount management solution should offer a convenient mechanism, enabling either vendors or your organization to submit discount proposals and gather the information necessary for the renegotiation of payment terms. This streamlines the process and provides new opportunities for payment discounts--without forcing your enterprise to endure the hassle of a back-and-forth email or paper-based exchange.

Direct Invoice's SAP accounts payable discount management solution supports all three types of discounts. By seamless integrating with your organization's SAP ERP system, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite creates a highly functional financial supply chain that allows your enterprise to capture more discounts through superior spend visibility.

SAP Certification for AP Automation Vendors

Given the importance of your organization's financial supply chain, it's critical to make sure that your SAP AP discount management solutions partner is certified and capable of delivering seamless integration with your SAP system.

As a certified SAP partner, Direct Insite has an established track record in providing SAP e-invoicing solutions to the world's most recognizable brands and enterprises. Direct Insite's PAYBOX® 3.0 has been certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center to interoperate with SAP ERP 6.0 and with instances of SAP Business Suite software.

Ready to Bring SAP AP Discount Management to Your Enterprise?

Direct Insite is the proven leader in equipping SAP users and enterprise organizations with best-in-class discount management automation. To discover how Direct Insite can transform your discount management and capture activities or to schedule a private consultations, please call us at 954-510-3750.

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