SAP AR Automation

Direct Insite's SAP AR automation solutions equip SAP users with powerful tools that eliminate the headaches typically associated with invoice preparation, presentment and order-to-cash activities. By implementing Direct Insite's SAP AR automation, your enterprise can improve efficiency, reduce payment times and create a more robust accounts receivable reporting environment.

Making the Case for SAP AR Automation

Paper-based AR processes are inefficient, cumbersome and expensive. In addition to the costs associated with manual order-to-cash routines, the potential for lost documents or payment delays increases with each instance of human intervention, jeopardizing the organization's ability to collect payment in a timely and accurate manner.

The inherent inefficiency of paper-based accounts receivable is driving many Global 3000 companies to implement SAP AR automation solutions capable of streamlining processes and improving organizational decision-making around receivables. Rather than manually converting POs and sales orders to invoices, SAP AR automation flips orders into preliminary bills, allowing AR stakeholders to make adjustments and edits before the invoice is presented to the customer.

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite gives enterprise organizations a proven SAP AR automation solution designed for today's marketplace. By integrating the sophistication of advanced accounts receivable automation technology with the power of your existing SAP ERP system, Direct Insite gives your organization a faster and more accurate accounts receivable ecosystem.

Accounts Receivable Automation in Action: AR Transformation at IBM

As one of the world's most recognizable enterprise organizations, IBM uses AR automation and Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite to improve the efficiency of its order-to-cash processes.

IBM's accounts receivable process requirements are massive and include the generation and presentation of millions of invoices each year. Prior to the implementation of PAYBOX®, it cost IBM $75 to $125 to create, distribute and monitor compliance for each invoice. The manual processing of invoices for complex services was even more expensive, at $600 to $1,500 per invoice.

Direct Insite radically streamlined IBM's AR function by equipping the organization with a robust solution for generating and managing invoices electronically. Featured highlights of IBM's PAYBOX® solution include Web-based line-item detail presentment and summary cost data, the ability to dispute invoices via a self-service Web portal and the attachment of useful collateral information to invoices.

As a result of its implementation of PAYBOX®, IBM achieved several key benefits and business outcomes:

  • Reduced invoice disputes by 65 percent using preliminary invoice validation and workflow
  • Reduced organizational reliance on paper invoices by 75 percent
  • Reduced DSO by three to five days
  • Reduced invoice costs

From IBM to SAP AR transformation in your organization, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite provides the SAP AR automation you need to reduce costs, minimize disputes and streamline the financial supply chain.

SAP AR Automation Components and Modules

Accounts receivable automation is becoming a standard component of many SAP customers' financial supply chains. However, SAP AR automation can be achieved using a phased approach that allows your organization to implement components and modules in a staged manner.

Direct Insite offers multiple AR automation solution that can be implemented according to your needs and business requirements:

  • SAP E-Invoicing for Accounts Receivable -- streamlines SAP accounts receivable by eliminating the hassles normally associated with invoice preparation and presentment
  • SAP Customer Portals -- self-serve portals that allow your customers to access invoices, statements, disputed invoice items, payment histories and other information--without interacting with call center personnel

SAP Certification for AR Automation Vendors

To ensure the performance and integrity of SAP AR automation, it's important for your organization to do business with SAP certified technology vendors. Direct Insite has been certified by the SAP Integration and Certification Center, and has an impressive track record of successful SAP integrations for some of the most world's most respected Global 3000 companies.

Implementing SAP AR Automation in Your Organization

The benefits of SAP AR automation are undeniable. Reduced costs, improved efficiency, better customer relationships--it all matters in today's competitive business climate. To get started or to request a private consultation, please give us a call at 954-510-3750.

SAP AR Automation Solutions