SAP AP Automation

Direct Insite's SAP AP automation solutions give SAP customers complete and clear visibility throughout their entire AP workflow and financial supply chain. As a result of implementing SAP AP automation, SAP customers experience accelerated cash flow, fewer supplier inquiries and lower invoice processing costs.

Benefits of SAP AP Automation

In addition to a compelling ROI and expanded SAP functionality, other benefits of Direct Insite's SAP AP automation solutions include:

  • Elimination of manual data entry and paper-based routing of invoices
  • Reductions in AP discrepancies and exceptions
  • Improved supplier discount visibility and capture
  • Increased clarity and visibility into payables and liabilities
  • Accelerated invoice approval times and improved AP workflow
  • Streamlined dispute management with lower support requirements
  • Redeployment of shared services accounts payable staff from low-value activities to high-value tasks
  • Lower IT cost of ownership via cloud-based solutions with seamless SAP integration

The Current State of SAP AP Automation

It's a surprising fact, but many SAP customers still process paper-based invoices. Indeed, industry analysts have found that 55 percent of large SAP users in North America have not adopted automated AP solutions. To get the most out of SAP, organizations must minimize inefficient paper invoice handling and tightly integrate AP processes with their SAP ERP system.

Today's invoice automation solutions, including those provided by industry leader Direct Insite, are easily integrated into an SAP ERP system, with quick and easy implementation on both the vendor and supplier side.

As an example, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform provides real-time integration into SAP ERP applications: automating the receipt and capture of paper and electronic invoices; managing workflows for routing transactions through approval processes, exceptions handling and dispute management; and enabling the distribution and processing of electronic payments.

SAP AP Automation Components and Modules

With AP automation emerging as one of the key components of SAP customers' financial supply chain strategies, it's important to recognize that AP automation can be implemented with a phased approach - there's no need to view SAP AP automation as an "all or nothing" proposition.

Direct Insite offers the following SAP AP automation components, which can be implemented at once or over time based on evolving business needs:

  • SAP Electronic Invoicing - E-invoicing capabilities allow suppliers to submit invoices electronically by using our web form, flipping purchase orders into invoices, or uploading documents from their accounting systems.
  • SAP Invoicing Scan and Capture Solutions -Scanning and data extraction technologies convert paper invoices and other transaction-related documents into digital images that are then managed by the AP automation solution.
  • SAP Supplier Portals - A self-service vendor portal allows suppliers to submit invoices, update vendor profile information, and check on invoice status. Data is seamlessly integrated into the SAP ERP backend, and management gets helpful tools for managing vendor invoices.
  • SAP Vendor Profile Management - SAP supplier profile management solutions streamline activities for suppliers allowing them to upload tax documents and ensure that their information is correct.
  • SAP Accounts Payable Workflow Management - SAP AP automation solutions handle things like three-way matching, invoice routing, invoice approvals and exception resolution.
  • SAP Accounts Payable Dispute Management - Reducing the number of supplier disputes is a key benefit of AP automation. In addition, SAP users get access to useful tools to resolve supplier disputes.
  • SAP Accounts Payable Discount Management - Companies get access to tools that let them make smarter decisions about keeping cash versus taking supplier discounts. Incremental cash flow gained from this feature often pays for the entire AP automation project.
  • SAP Procurement Software - While it's well known that AP automation streamlines AP processes, the Procurement department also gets access to many useful procurement tools.
  • SAP Accounts Payable Reporting and Analysis - With AP automation reporting and analysis tools, CFOs and Treasurers can get the information they need to effectively manage working capital and analyze spend patterns. Integration with external reporting and business intelligence tools is also a common feature.

SAP Integration for AP Automation

Direct Insite is a certified SAP partner. Having achieved certified integration with SAP applications, Direct Insite customers can be assured that their SAP AP automation solution will operate with key SAP functions that support SAP procure-to-pay and order-to-cash related services. By providing integration with SAP ERP applications, our PAYBOX® suite provides businesses with greater visibility into the financial supply chain, better data synchronization and validation, and streamlined processing.

Moving Forward with SAP AP Automation

Direct Insite offers a best-of-breed point solution that delivers a powerful SAP AP processing experience that seamlessly ties into your SAP ERP system and any other ERP or financial systems you may be running across your enterprise.

When it comes to procuring SAP automation solutions, every company has its own unique requirements for processing, functionality, usability, integration and cost. Contact us at 954-510-3750 so we can assess your needs and provide a capabilities demonstration tailored to your SAP AP automation requirements.

SAP AP Automation Solutions