PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portals

PeopleSoft ERP supplier portals give PeopleSoft users a convenient, supplier self-serve resource designed to streamline AP workflows and create stronger supplier/vendor relationships. Used by large enterprises around the world, Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal solution is recognized as an important element of AP transformation and automated accounts payable workflows.

The Value of PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portals

Financial supply chain efficiency is an important goal for Global 3000 organizations. In many cases, AP automation can be leveraged as a driver of reduced costs, higher revenue and other bottom line business outcomes.

Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal solution offers a proven e-invoicing portal that contributes to AP automation by empowering suppliers and vendors to perform a wide range of self-service activities. Features and benefits of our PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal include:

Convenient, self-serve access – PeopleSoft ERP supplier portals allow suppliers to monitor invoice status in real-time, minimizing the time and energy it takes to handle inbound supplier inquiries.

Better supplier relationships – Suppliers prefer self-serve capabilities to call center interactions. By empowering suppliers to manage invoices and locate answers on their own, PeopleSoft ERP supplier portals help nurture long-lasting supplier relationships.

Easy vendor enrollment – To improve vendor adoption rates, Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal solution includes a streamlined vendor on-boarding program that removes obstacles to participation.

Improved AP workflows – Need AP teams to focus on core business activities? PeopleSoft ERP supplier portals eliminate mundane tasks and allow you to shift man-hours to more urgent concerns.

Higher PeopleSoft ROI – By extending the functionality of your PeopleSoft ERP system, supplier portals improve the value and ROI of your existing PeopleSoft investments.

Enhanced validation and compliance – Complex business rules, validation and e-invoicing compliance are more easily managed when suppliers have direct access via PeopleSoft ERP supplier portals.

System Integration with PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® hosted solutions deliver robust technology for the automation of accounts payable, enabling your organization to extend the value of your PeopleSoft ERP through the implementation of a world-class e-invoicing solution.

Our PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portal solution features seamless integration with your company’s PeopleSoft ERP application, supported by an extensive track record of integrations at some of the world’s largest enterprises. With Direct Insite’s Supplier Portal technology, you get the assurance of total ERP integration as well as improved AP workflows and financial supply chain visibility.

Implementing PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portals

PeopleSoft users around the world turn to Direct Insite for AP automation and PeopleSoft ERP supplier portal technology. To learn more about our PAYBOX® hosted solutions or to schedule a private consultation, please give us a call at 954-510-3750.

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