PeopleSoft ERP Electronic Invoicing

PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing gives shared services executives at Global 3000 companies a powerful tool for improving efficiency and performance through AP automation. In addition to creating an optimized financial supply chain, Direct Insite’s People Soft ERP electronic invoicing solution enables enterprises to extend the value of their existing investments in PeopleSoft software, improving ROI and streamlining AP workflows.

Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing technology, PAYBOX®, provides a SaaS solution capable of real-time integration with PeopleSoft ERP. Other benefits and features include:

  • Reduced invoice processing times
  • Elimination of manual data entry errors
  • Higher discount capture rates
  • Lower invoice cycle times
  • Improved supplier relationships and dispute resolution
  • Automated PO and invoice matching

How Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP Electronic Invoicing Works

With Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP e-invoicing, your enterprise can send POs directly to suppliers using electronic invoicing capabilities. Suppliers have the choice of either making adjustments using line-item editing tools or automatically flipping purchase orders into invoices, and then monitoring the status of invoices via a convenient supplier portal.

As best-in-class e-invoicing technology, the PAYBOX® PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing solution can be configured to the exact requirements of your enterprise’s business rules, approval/routing processes and AP workflows, giving you an exceptionally robust and customized e-invoicing application that seamlessly integrates with your existing PeopleSoft ERP.

How to Choose a PeopleSoft ERP Electronic Invoicing Provider

Choosing the right PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing partner is a key concern for all organizations interested in leveraging AP automation to improve the financial supply chain. There are several important questions that shared services executives need to ask potential PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing providers to ensure that the technology they implement is the right fit for their organizations.

  • Does the provider’s PeopleSoft e-invoicing solution integrate seamlessly with the enterprise’s existing PeopleSoft ERP system?
  • Will the solution allow for the effective management of purchase orders and enable suppliers to effortlessly flip POs to invoices?
  • Can the PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing application work with top-tier invoice scanning and data capture solutions?
  • Does the system support all available formats for the receipt of e-invoices, e.g. web form entry, image upload, PO flip, XML, EDI, flat file?
  • Can the PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing technology enable viewing of line-item detail and line-item invoice matching?
  • Do suppliers have the ability to manage their vendor profiles and update critical information, and upload tax document or other information?
  • Does the provider make it easy to customize your PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing application to your organization’s approval processes, business rules and AP workflows?

Direct Insite: The Smart Choice in PeopleSoft ERP Electronic Invoicing

For forward-thinking enterprises, Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® technology is the smart choice in PeopleSoft ERP electronic invoicing technology. To learn more, please call us at 954-510-3750.

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