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PeopleSoft ERP AP and AR Automation Solutions

Direct Insite is the right choice for large companies that have invested in the Oracle PeopleSoft ERP platform and are looking to streamline and improve their AP, AR and payments processes.

Providing seamless integration and end-to-end financial supply chain automation, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions gives PeopleSoft ERP customers the perfect combination of powerful enterprise resource planning tools and world-class automation in accounts payable, accounts receivable and electronic payments.

Secure PeopleSoft ERP Integration

Security and reliability are key concerns when integrating value-added software with your existing PeopleSoft ERP. Unproven or inferior solutions are not only ineffective, but can also threaten the integrity of your PeopleSoft enterprise resource planning infrastructure.

Direct Insite mitigates security and stability concerns by providing a suite of e-invoicing and automation tools that have been successfully deployed in the world's largest enterprise organizations. Our standards-based integration with PeopleSoft ERP and other leading ERP platforms ensures that the technology you rely on will perform at the highest possible levels, enhancing the value of your PeopleSoft ERP investments.

Even more importantly, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite will help transform your entire financial supply chain, generating important bottom line outcomes like improved efficiency, better cash flow, enhanced AP and AR visibility, and improved supplier/customer relations.

The Benefits of Integrating Direct Insite with PeopleSoft ERP

In many enterprises, AP, AR and payments functions are epicenters of waste and inefficiency, especially if the organization hasn't made the transition to paperless workflows and AP/AR processes.

Direct Insite helps organizations navigate this transition by minimizing the need for human intervention. As the organization's reliance on manual processes and paper invoices or other documents decreases, the enterprise becomes more efficient and more productive as workers are freed up to focus on more important tasks.

Typically, the integration of Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite with PeopleSoft ERP technology results in several important benefits, including:

  • Reduced payment and processing times
  • Improved workflows
  • Less reliance on manual, paper-based routines
  • Fewer lost or misplaced documents
  • Costs savings on a per-transaction basis
  • Better dispute management and resolution
  • Real-time visibility to critical financial supply chain information
  • Enhanced contract compliance
  • Happier suppliers and customers
  • Improved cash flow forecasting and discount capture

Finding the Right Automation Vendor for Integration with PeopleSoft ERP

Oracle's PeopleSoft ERP has been designed to manage your organization's most complex business requirements. So when it comes to implementing an add-on financial supply chain solution, it's important to make sure that the technology you select is capable of bringing the same level of sophistication and elegance to your enterprise's technology ecosystem.

Here are some of the questions you will need to ask prospective vendors to ensure that your AP, AR and payments automation solution is up to the task:

  • Does the solution offer configurable workflow management tools like three-way matching, routing and exceptions approvals?
  • Does the e-invoicing solution streamline AP and AR processes, converting or "flipping" POs and SOs into preliminary invoices?
  • Is there a discount management feature that enables your organization to leverage all available supplier discount opportunities?
  • Can the solution facilitate the management and resolution of invoice disputes, ultimately decreasing occurrences of invoice disputes?
  • Are there convenient supplier portals and customer portals with self-serve opportunities that create meaningful reductions in instances of human or manual intervention?
  • Does the e-payments feature deliver enhanced visibility, tracking and audits of payments made via credit cards or ACH?
  • Does the candidate solution provide real-time reporting and analysis, improving the visibility of financial supply chain information for organizational decision-making?

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform is a comprehensive e-invoicing and payments solution that has been built to address your most urgent financial supply chain challenges. With a proven track record of success among Global 3000 companies, Direct Insite is the smart choice for the integration of AP, AR and payments automation with existing PeopleSoft ERP technology.

Take the Next Step in Financial Supply Chain Automation

Ready to take the next step toward a more efficient financial supply call chain? For more information or to schedule a private consultation, give Direct Insite a call at 954-510-3750.

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