PeopleSoft ERP AP Automation

PeopleSoft ERP AP automation represents a big step for Global 3000 companies eager to improve the efficiency and performance of their financial supply chains. By tapping into the power and convenience of PeopleSoft e-invoicing and other automation tools, Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP AP automation solutions enable enterprises to improve ROI by reducing processing times, supplier inquiries and the total cost of IT.

As a proven leader in AP automation, Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP AP automation solution, PAYBOX®, has equipped large enterprises with an impressive range of benefits, including:

  • Fewer AP errors due to reduced reliance on manual data and paper invoices
  • Increased visibility to liabilities, payables and other financial supply chain variables
  • Improved discount capture rates and p-card rebates
  • Better dispute management and resolution processes
  • The flexibility and savings of real-time, SaaS technology
  • More efficient use of shared services teams and human resources

From start to finish, Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP AP automation solutions give you the technology you need to drive efficiency, cash flow and ROI in an environment where financial supply chain performance is a bottom line business mandate.

PeopleSoft ERP AP Automation Modules

Featuring real-time integration with PeopleSoft ERP software, Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® solution is a practical, best-in-class response to the need for AP automation and financial supply chain efficiency. For PeopleSoft ERP users, PAYBOX® dramatically extends the value of ERP investments by expanding the functionality of existing technology across AP workflows.

Direct Insite’s PeopleSoft ERP AP automation technology is also available in modules, giving you the option of phasing in various features and functions over time.

  • PeopleSoft ERP Electronic Invoicing – enables suppliers to directly submit invoices, flip POs into invoices and to upload additional documents to your system   
  • PeopleSoft ERP Scan and Capture Solutions – sophisticated scanning, image enhancement, indexing and data extraction tools to convert paper-based invoices and documents into high-resolution digital images         
  • PeopleSoft ERP Supplier Portals –  easy-to-use supplier portal that enables vendors to submit invoices, monitor invoice status and update information – an important feature in PeopleSoft ERP AP automation technology.
  • PeopleSoft ERP Vendor Profile Management – allows suppliers to port tax documents and profile management information into your system to create a smoother AP workflow   
  • PeopleSoft ERP Accounts Payable Workflow Management – enables three-way matching, exception resolution, and invoice routing/approval processes, configured to your precise business rules and workflows
  • PeopleSoft ERP Accounts Payable Dispute Management – streamlines dispute resolution for better supplier relationships and faster turnaround times          
  • PeopleSoft ERP Accounts Payable Discount Management – a PeopleSoft ERP AP automation tool that improves your ability to view and capture all available discounts
  • PeopleSoft ERP Procurement Software –  extends the value of your investment with procurement tools designed for Global 3000 enterprise environments    
  • PeopleSoft ERP Accounts Payable Reporting and Analysis – gives CFOs, treasurers and other executives visibility to reporting and analysis tools; an important PeopleSoft ERP AP automation resource for more informed decision-making

Ready for PeopleSoft ERP AP Automation?

Direct Insite’s Invoice On-Line platform is a PeopleSoft ERP AP automation solution with a proven reputation for streamlining accounts payable and facilitating more efficient AP workflows. Configured to your organization’s needs and business rules, PAYBOX® is the smart choice for enterprises ready to take the next step in their journey toward an improved financial supply chain.

For more information, call us at 954-510-3750 and learn how Direct Insite can make PeopleSoft ERP AP automation a reality in your enterprise.

PeopleSoft ERP Financial Supply Chain Automation