PAYBOX® Key Features

Below is a list of PAYBOX® key features:

  • Self-service customer registration and user-based access to invoices
  • Current and past electronic invoices as a searchable list
  • Ability to search/filter payments or disputes by multiple search criteria
  • Downloadable payment and dispute history
  • Invoice reprint download via PDF or spreadsheet
  • FAQ support and online help
  • Seamless user experience via single sign-on from centralized portal
  • Support for 17 languages and multi-language e-mail notification alerts
  • Electronic invoice distribution via Web, EDI, fax, e-mail, or XML
  • Consolidation of invoices from multiple systems
  • Invoice line-item detail drill-down
  • Ability to attach supporting documents to an invoice (PO, contract, etc.)
  • Invoice matching and contract compliance validations
  • Configurable e-mail notifications including: invoice ready, invoice disputed, payment success/fail, invoice overdue
  • Ability to initiate invoice disputes/inquiries at the invoice or line-item level
  • Digital archive of comprehensive dispute information
  • Real-time visibility to disputed credits/collections
  • Optional export of disputes to third-party dispute management systems
  • Split payment support
  • Configurable dispute management rules, payer invoice review and approval workflow
  • Configurable workflow business rules, workflow notifications and escalation business rules
  • Invoice preparation review/release workflow
  • Web-based customer self-reporting
  • Aging or AR reports and summary or detail billing reports
  • Customer usage reports and cash analyses
  • 30/60/90 overdue reporting

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