Oracle ERP Invoice Scanning and Capture Solutions

Direct Insite’s Oracle ERP Invoice Scanning and Capture solutions are designed to help Global 3000 Oracle users achieve end-to-end invoice automation. Featuring an exceptionally rich variety of functions, our Oracle invoice scanning technology enables your organization to scan, index, review and export invoices and related documents and has been designed to integrate with any document scanning interface, OCR engine or invoice capture system.

Benefits of Oracle ERP Invoice Scanning and Capture Solutions

A continued (and unnecessary) reliance on paper-based invoice processes causes many Oracle users to suffer from AP workflow and invoice management inefficiencies. Oracle ERP invoice scanning solutions help Oracle users mitigate the impact of these inefficiencies by dramatically reducing the organization’s paper invoice handling requirements and allowing the organization to achieve several key benefits.

  • Streamlined invoice processing. Oracle ERP invoice scanning and capture solutions make it possible to effectively process an unlimited number of domestic and foreign invoices, especially when combined with document imaging systems featuring a built-in knowledge base for different invoice types.
  • Lower labor costs. Manual entry and paper-based invoice handling consumes time and man-hours. Accounts payable departments can significantly reduce Oracle ERP invoice scanning costs by automating the management of invoices.
  • Improved data extraction. Automated Oracle ERP invoice scanning makes it possible to extract more and higher quality data that can be extracted using manual invoice procedures, resulting in fewer issues downstream.
  • Enhanced compliance. With invoice automation, Oracle ERP users can manage more advanced business rules, improving the organization’s ability to enforce all business rules and compliance requirements.
  • Accuracy and visibility. By leveraging Oracle ERP invoice scanning, enterprises can eliminate the potential for lost invoices, while improving the accuracy and visibility of invoices across the financial supply chain. All invoices are available to authorized personnel in real-time—regardless of their location or time zone.

Leveraging Oracle ERP Invoice Scanning for Total AP Automation

Oracle ERP invoice scanning is only one step in the journey toward total AP automation. Although an Oracle invoice scan and capture solution represents a critical mile marker in the process, the next step involves other components designed to fully automate your organization’s accounts payable workflow.

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® technology offers modular, Oracle-compatible technology to address all of your invoice and automation needs. From supplier portals to vendor profile management and other components, PAYBOX® provides everything you need to maximize ROI on Oracle ERP invoice scanning investments, enabling you to achieve improved AP performance and efficiency.

Moving Forward with Oracle ERP Invoice Scanning and Capture Technology

Direct Insite’s Oracle ERP invoice scanning solutions create a solid foundation for more advanced AP automation technologies. For more information or to arrange a private consultation, please call us at (631) 873-2909.

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