Oracle ERP Electronic Invoicing

Improved process efficiency is an important goal for accounts payable in many companies. Oracle ERP electronic invoicing from Direct Insite equips shared services executives with the robust technology they need to increase AP performance as well as the return achieved on their Oracle ERP investments.

Direct Insite’s Oracle ERP electronic invoicing solution, PAYBOX®, offers a fully integrated e-invoicing platform for Oracle users. Delivered via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) deployment model, PAYBOX® is a powerful Oracle ERP application with a reputation for providing exceptional ROI and other benefits, including:

  • Faster invoice processing
  • Fewer errors and data entry mistakes
  • Improved discount capture
  • Reduced invoice cycle times
  • Better supplier/vendor relationships
  • Enhanced PO and invoice matching

Direct Insite’s Oracle ERP electronic invoicing technology enables you to directly route POs to suppliers using e-invoicing features. Suppliers can then download POs from a convenient e-invoicing portal and flip purchase orders into invoices or use line-item editing to make necessary adjustments. As a fully automated solution, PAYBOX® Oracle ERP electronic invoicing system tracks purchase orders and invoices, and allows suppliers to monitor the status of both PO and non-PO invoices.

For improved value and performance, Direct Insite’s Oracle ERP electronic invoicing technology can be custom configured to accommodate the precise requirements of your organization’s AP workflow – enabling you to leverage the benefits of an extremely powerful Oracle e-invoicing that is tailored to your business rules, approval processes and workflows.

Tips for Selecting an Oracle ERP Electronic Invoicing Solution Provider

The selection of Oracle ERP electronic invoicing technology is critical milestone on the road to improved financial supply chain management and operational efficiency. When choosing an Oracle ERP electronic invoicing solution provider, there are several traits and characteristics that Global 300 enterprises need to look for:

  • Compatibility – Oracle e-invoicing solutions must be fully compatible and capable of seamless integration with the existing Oracle ERP system.
  • PO Automation – Solution needs to able to effectively manage the electronic delivery of purchase orders and to effortlessly convert POs into invoices.
  • Invoice Capture – The best Oracle ERP electronic invoicing solutions integrate with leading invoice scanning and data capture solutions.
  • E-Invoice Formats – Provider must support all formats for e-invoice receipts including web form entry, image upload, PO flip, XML, EDI and flat file.
  • Matching and Line-Item Detail – Look for providers that offer drill down for line-item detail and line-item invoice matching.
  • Vendor Management – Top-tier Oracle ERP electronic invoicing applications enable vendors and suppliers to manage their profiles and update tax documents or other vital information.
  • Customization – Without exception, your Oracle ERP electronic invoicing solution must be configurable to your workflows, approval routing processes and business rules for validation and compliance.

Moving Forward with Oracle ERP Electronic Invoicing

The implementation of Direct Insite’s Invoice On-Line Oracle ERP electronic invoicing technology is the logical next step for most Global 3000 enterprises. For more information, contact us at (631) 873-2000 to learn how Direct Insite can improve the efficiency, ROI and performance of your company’s financial supply chain.

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