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Oracle ERP AP and AR Automation Solutions

Direct Insite's pre-built integration solutions for Oracle ERP software ensure that Oracle ERP customers can maintain peak enterprise performance while tapping into the many benefits of value-added financial supply chain automation technology.

Designed to be secure, reliable and scalable, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® e-invoicing platform offers unique opportunities for Oracle ERP users to improve AP efficiency, achieve AR transformation and accelerate payment cycles--giving your organization a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

Direct Insite Integration with Oracle ERP

Oracle is one of the most respected names in enterprise technology. Your existing investment in Oracle ERP has likely produced a variety of benefits to your enterprise--all of which have enabled your company to create a leaner and more effective operating environment.

Direct Insite expands the return on your Oracle ERP investments by introducing world-class AP/AR automation and payments solutions into your technology ecosystem. Designed to integrate flawlessly with Oracle and other ERP solutions, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions has been implemented by the world's largest and most complex enterprise organizations, giving them the technology they need to generate bottom line business outcomes from common financial supply chain functions.

Like your Oracle ERP, PAYBOX® is configurable and flexible, allowing you to tailor workflows and other features to your organization's unique needs and processes. By implementing PAYBOX® alongside your Oracle ERP, you get the best of both worlds: high-performing enterprise resource planning technology as well as a world-class solution for automating the inefficiencies that currently plague your financial supply chain.

Benefits of Integrating Direct Insite with Oracle ERP

The automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable functions is quickly becoming standard operating procedure for successful enterprise organizations. Paper-based processes are more than pass?--they are a constant source of inefficiency, inaccuracy and customer/supplier complaints. Automation solves the problem of paper-based processes by minimizing instances of human intervention and leveraging technology to create more accurate AP and AR workflows.

For Oracle ERP users, there are several benefits that can be achieved through integration with Direct Insite's PAYBOX® solution:

  • Automation of key functions along the financial supply chain
  • Reduced reliance on time-consuming manual workflows
  • Quicker processing times
  • Fewer instances of lost invoices and documents
  • Reduced per-transaction and collection costs
  • Improved management of disputed invoices
  • Better visibility to reports and data
  • More satisfying customer and supplier relationships

Components and Features of PAYBOX® for Oracle ERP

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform has been integrated with Oracle ERP in some of the most recognized companies in the world. Designed to scale to your organization, PAYBOX® can be deployed all at once or over time.

Key features and components of Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions for Oracle ERP include:

  • Electronic Invoicing -- While AR e-invoicing streamlines the preparation and distribution of invoices to customer, AP e-invoicing allows suppliers to "flip" purchase orders into invoices.
  • Workflow Transformation -- Configurable workflows allow you to customize routing, approvals, exceptions handling and other aspects of the automated financial supply chain.
  • Dispute Management -- By facilitating the handling and resolution of disputed invoices, PAYBOX® reduces disputes and strengthens relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Convenient Customer and Supplier Portals -- Easy-to-use, self-serve portals for suppliers and customers reduce call center requirements and eliminate unnecessary process delays.
  • Discount Management -- Discount management tools empower decision-makers with visibility to all available discounts, creating opportunities for improved discount capture.
  • Vendor Profile -- Suppliers can update information and upload tax documents to ensure the accuracy of your AP relationships.
  • Procure-to-Pay -- The alignment of AP and procurement gives executives added insights that improve spend optimization and cash flow forecasting.
  • Payments -- The ability to receive, track and audit payments by credit card or ACH improves PCI compliance and financial visibility.
  • Reporting and Analysis -- For the first time, key executives have integrated, real-time access to reports and other information that is essential for financial decision-making in the enterprise.

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