Oracle Discount Management Overview

Oracle discount management solutions from Direct Insite transform enterprise accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) processes by automating key workflows and activities. Most enterprises remain over-reliant on labor-intensive, paper-based invoicing and discount management processes. This causes significant inefficiencies across the entire financial supply chain. 

Oracle Discount Management Advantages

Oracle discount management automation tools help Oracle users obtain several key business advantages:

  • Improved Cash Flow: With automated discount management solutions, supplier organizations can improve their cash flow management capabilities. For buyers, discount capturing is seamless and accurate. This mitigates issues with lost or damaged invoicing and process delays, ensuring that your organization can capture every available early payment discount.
  • More Predicable Payments: Suppliers also benefit from more predictable payment cycles and increased visibility into the discount management process.
  • Minimizes Profit Leakage: An automated discount management platform for Oracle ERP systems minimizes profit leakage from unearned discounts.

In addition to these important benefits, AP and AR automation also reduces labor costs, increases the accuracy of discount requests and improves the overall performance of the financial supply chain.

Oracle Discount Management Requirements

For Oracle users considering which discount management solution to employ with existing ERP systems, there are several critical considerations companies must weigh when evaluating their options. This includes ensuring your solution supports a large range of discount types, depending on your unique needs and customer requirements.

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform supports a variety of discount types, specifically the three major forms of discounts across enterprises.

  1. Dynamic Discounts and Renegotiation Requests: Buyers and suppliers can initiate and manage dynamic discount requests from a single, secure portal. Within the platform, Oracle discount management users can also execute negotiations with trading partners and store relevant information and documents.    
  2. Pre-Determined Discount Payment Terms: The PAYBOX® portal allows suppliers to submit invoices electronically with applicable early payment terms and allows buyers to explore and search invoice statuses and information. This provides greater visibility into the financial supply chain and discount capturing workflows for both parties. Buyers can then pay an invoice with a variety of payment options, including check, credit card or ACH.
  3. Early Payment Discount Rates: With PAYBOX®, buyers can present different discount options online to suppliers when submitting an invoice through purchase order flip and Web form entry capabilities. Suppliers can also propose discount terms. When a supplier requests a new discount, the option will automatically override any previously negotiated purchase order terms submitted by the supplier—eliminating the need for time spent on unnecessary data entry and administrative AP and AR tasks.

In addition to supporting a breadth of payment types, Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform is highly secure and helps companies remain PCI compliant to protect against security breaches and fraud. Executives and AP and AR employees also gain access to valuable insights and reporting tools to help improve discount management in the long term.

If you are ready to take the next step in improving your organization’s financial supply chain and maximizing the value of your existing Oracle technology investments, please call us at 954-510-3750 for more information or a private consultation.

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