Oracle AR Automation Considerations

Oracle AR automation can produce meaningful, value-add business results for large companies interested in streamlining AR processes and increasing operational efficiency.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Oracle AR Automation Platforms

Selecting an Oracle AR automation solution is an important decision that significantly impacts an enterprise’s technology ecosystem. With the right partner, you can manage even the most complex business requirements.

There are several key questions companies must consider when evaluating AR automation technologies.

  • Is the technology secure? When dealing with corporate AP and AR invoicing and payments, you must employ a highly secure technology. Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform safeguards enterprises’ most valuable financial and payment information, as well as communications between buyers and suppliers.
  • Will it help my organization meet compliance requirements? Failure to meet federal and industry compliance requirements can result in costly fines and penalties. An automated AR and invoice management solution for Oracle users can reduce inaccurate information and missing documents due to labor-intensive, paper-based AR processes that are inefficient and prone to error. 
  • Does it support a wide range of payment options? To improve buyer and supplier loyalty, AR automation solutions need to support a variety of payment methods. Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® solution accepts all major credit cards, checks and ACH payments.  
  • Is it flexible and scalable? Your Oracle AR automation solution should be scalable to meet your organizational technology and automation requirements in the future. PAYBOX® can be customized and implemented in phases or all at once to meet your unique business needs and growth down the road. PAYBOX® features include configurable workflow management tools, including three-way matching, routing and exception approvals.  
  • Is it convenient for suppliers and buyers? The PAYBOX® solution comes equipped with easy-to-use supplier and customer portals with self-serve options and comprehensive features that facilitate e-invoicing, dispute resolution and dynamic discounting, among other functions. This saves time and money by lowering the number of inquiries via email or to the call center.
  • What measurable business benefits will this solution produce for my company? AR automation technology for Oracle users can maximize the value of technology investments. By employing an effective AR solution, companies can reap significant benefits including increased profits and improved cash flow management capabilities. 
  • Are tracking and reporting tools included in the solution? One of the major business benefits of using an AP automation tool rather than a paper-based solution is access to real-time reporting and analysis. The insights available in Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® solution improve decision-making capabilities for executives and AR professionals. 
  • Is it compatible with my existing Oracle ERP technology? There’s no use in investing in AR automation technology if it is not compatible with your existing Oracle ERP system and other enterprise technologies. PAYBOX® is completely compatible with Oracle ERP solutions and integrates seamlessly into enterprise technology ecosystems.

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® platform is an end-to-end AP and AR automation solution for Global 3000 companies and other large enterprises. If you are ready to transform your enterprise financial supply chain, call us today at 954-510-3750 for more information or to set up a consultation.

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