No-Cost Webinar: 5 Reasons Corporations Need Reverse Lockbox Services

It is a perfect storm for banks: On one side, corporations are dissatisfied with their receivables processes, and are looking to banks for help. On the other side, banks have robust lockbox services that can be extended to provide electronic invoicing and electronic payment services to corporate clients. The result is growing interest from corporations for so-called Reverse Lockbox services that automate outbound electronic invoice presentment, and inbound electronic payment processing.

To take advantage of the opportunity, banks must understand what’s driving corporate interest in reverse lockbox services. During this interactive webinar, the speakers will define the reverse lockbox service, explain how a reverse lockbox complements and extends a bank’s existing treasury management services, detail the five primary drivers of corporate interest in reverse lockbox services, demonstrate the key functionality of a reverse lockbox service, and answer any attendee questions.


Jim McShea
Executive Vice President
Direct Insite

Chris Carberry
Director of Product Management
Direct Insite

Mark Brousseau
Brousseau & Associates


September 4
2 p.m. eastern