NACHA Payments 2014

Join Direct Insite at NACHA Payments 2014 in Orlando, Florida, April 6-9 and see the only electronic lockbox engine in live production at a bank! A lot of banks are talking about offering an electronic lockbox, but only one bank – one of the largest financial institutions in the world – has a true electronic lockbox in live production. And Direct Insite is offering you an opportunity to see firsthand the engine inside the solution your bank is competing against.

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Direct Insite’s electronic lockbox platform is a first-of-its-kind solution that combines:

  • Invoice presentment: enabling billers to post invoices to a secure website. Payers then access their invoices via a password-protected mailbox.
  • Adjustments and approvals: the platform replicates a payer’s workflow to allow for online review, adjustment and approval of invoices. Billers receive real-time updates on adjusted invoices for faster resolution.
  • E-Payments: the platform enables payers to control the amount they pay, the payment type, and the settlement date. Combining invoice presentment and approval and payment in a single platform can drive p-card issuance and utilization – a key benefit for banks.
  • AR integration: the platform provides billers with a remittance file for reconciliation and posting.

Direct Insite’s platform is helping corporate clients:

  • Accelerate DSO by up to 400%
  • Reduce invoice presentment and collection costs more than 90%

Good luck trying to peel corporate customers away from banks offering this technology! Don’t leave your bank at a competitive disadvantage.

E-mail to arrange an in-person demonstration at NACHA PAYMENTS or a web demonstration for you and your team.