Accounts Receivables Automation Platform

Meet PAYBOX®, the accounts receivables game changer.

There are a lot of downsides to paper-based receivables processing:

  • It costs organizations too much money.
  • It takes too long to process and distribute invoices.
  • It requires too much human intervention, leading to a greater number of errors.

But automated platforms are expensive, time-consuming to implement and customers have a low adoption rate, right?

Wrong. There's a faster, simpler solution that can completely transform your AR department responsibilities.

The PAYBOX® AR Difference

PAYBOX® AR is an innovative, end-to-end receivables platform that works with legacy AR lockbox platforms to streamline tasks like invoice distribution, customer payments and online approvals.

An automation tool unlike any other, PAYBOX® AR leads to:

  • Accelerated Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) cycles, delivering millions of dollars in revenue annually
  • Up to a 90 percent reduction in collection and invoice presentment costs
  • Straight-through receivables posting rates over 80 percent
  • Greater user adoption and electronic payment submission

No heavy system integration. No over-the-top fees. PAYBOX® AR is the secure, scalable and user-friendly accounts receivables system you've been searching for.

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