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JD Edwards ERP AP and AR Automation Solutions

Direct Insite's AP automation, AR automation and payments solutions allow you to build on your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP investment and streamline your organization's financial supply chain.

By implementing Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite alongside your existing JD Edwards technology, you can equip your organization with a robust and highly integrated system that is more than capable of handling the rigors faced by today's fastest growing enterprises.

JD Edwards Integration

Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP technology has equipped your organization with enterprise resource planning software that delivers business value, solid technology standards and a low TCO--important benchmarks in any enterprise technology environment.

Direct Insite works with a broad range of ERP solutions, including JD Edwards. We have extensive experience providing AP automation, AR automation and payments solutions to clients who are running JD Edwards as their primary ERP system.

Standards-based integration with JD Edwards and other leading ERP systems has enabled Direct Insite to provide some of the world's largest enterprises with a suite of e-invoicing and payments solutions that aligns with existing technology and creates opportunities for bottom line business outcomes through AP and AR transformation.

Secure and scalable, Direct Insite's PAYBOX® platform is simply the smart choice for JD Edwards users that have not fully tapped into the benefits of integrated, cloud-based e-invoicing solutions for AP, AR and payments automation.

The Case for Integrating Financial Supply Chain Automation with JD Edwards ERP

Global 3000 companies are increasingly recognizing the value of automating key financial supply chain functions. By integrating Direct Insite's Invoice On-Line™ solution with JD Edwards and other existing ERP systems, these organizations are streamlining processes, improving efficiency and increasing the value of their current technology investments.

For JD Edwards ERP users, there are several telltale signs that it may be time to consider automating the financial supply chain with an integrated e-invoicing and payments solution:

  • Reliance on paper and manual processes
  • Slow processing times
  • Misplaced or lost documents
  • Poor regulatory or contract compliance
  • Elevated transaction or collection costs
  • Dissatisfied suppliers or customers
  • Inability to manage disputed invoices
  • Lack of real-time reporting and AP/AR/payments visibility

Direct Insite's Invoice On-Line™ solution addresses all of these concerns and more, delivering proven financial supply chain automation technology that seamlessly integrates with your JD Edwards ERP system.

Key Features of PAYBOX® for JD Edwards Customers

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite provides best-in-class financial supply chain automation for JPR Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP customers. Deployable in a cloud-based, scalable model that can be implemented over time, PAYBOX® offers several key components and features to your organization.

  • E-Invoicing -- Suppliers can submit invoices electronically, automatically converting POs into invoices and uploading supporting docs from their accounting systems. AR e-invoicing eliminates the headaches typically associated with invoice preparation and presentment.
  • AP Workflow Management -- Offers configurable workflow management to handle three-way matching, invoice routing, invoice approvals, exception resolution and other requirements.
  • Procurement -- Streamlines procure-to-pay processes by integrating procurement and accounts payable functions.
  • Vendor Profile Management -- Allows suppliers to upload tax documents and verify the accuracy of key account information.
  • Discount Management -- Enables you to manage supplier discounts and make smarter decisions about capturing available discounts for improved cash flow.
  • Dispute Management -- Reduces the frequency of disputed invoices and facilitates a smoother dispute resolution process.
  • Supplier & Customer Portals -- Equips you with powerful, self-serve portals that minimize the need for human intervention, dramatically improving operational efficiency.
  • E-Payments -- Gives your organization the ability to accept credit card and ACH payments for invoices, in a PCI-compliant environment with robust tracking and audit tools.
  • Reporting & Analysis -- Delivers real-time visibility into AP, AR and payments data that is vital for improving cash flow, spend optimization and executive decision-making.

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