It's Time to Get Smart About Your Order to Cash Process

The success of your financial organization hinges on several factors, and the order to cash process is one of them. Since order to cash is directly linked to business profitability and growth, you can’t afford to ignore the intricacies involved with the order to cash cycle.

Maintaining a Strong Order to Cash Process With AR Technology

A robust, streamlined order to cash process translates into greater profitability, customer retention, business growth and a better bottom line. Slow or half-baked strategies can seriously hurt your accounts receivables department’s ability to forecast cash flow and improve working capital management.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to see an almost immediate improvement in your organization’s order to cash flow. One of the most widely implemented solutions in corporate AR departments today is automated technology. The right platform can transform your AR strategies, resulting in a faster, more efficient order to cash process.

Electronic Invoice Presentment – Instead of creating, distributing and processing paper invoices (which takes too long and costs too much), you can present invoices electronically via a secure web portal. Customers can access invoices at any time through a password-protected entry form 24/7, making payments fast and convenient. And faster payments from customers mean faster cash collection for you.

  • Online Approvals and Adjustments – An automated platform will alert you with real-time notifications in the event invoices need to be reviewed, adjusted or approved. Instead of reprinting invoices, you can log on to the platform and complete the required actions in a matter of minutes.

  • Electronic Payment Capabilities – One of the biggest culprits of a slow order to cash process is manual payment processing. Electronic payment capabilities allow customers to submit payment via credit card, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – and payment is posted immediately.

  • Early Payment Discounts – Want to get customers to settle invoices before the due date? Incentivize them with early payment discounts. Automated technology allows you to manage discount and financing options, automatically applying them for customers who log on and pay invoices early.

Ready for a Better Order to Cash Process? Direct Insite is Here to Help

With so many things that can go wrong with your order to cash process, you need a reliable automated solution that doesn’t have room for errors.

Say hello to PAYBOX® AR.

An innovative, end-to-end solution for corporate accounts receivables departments, PAYBOX® AR combines electronic invoicing, online adjustments and approvals, electronic payments and more to create streamline back-end AR processes, making a measurable impact on your business.

Significant improvement in order to cash processes is only a few steps away. To get started, contact us today.

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