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Infor ERP AP and AR Automation Solutions

Direct Insite increases the value of the investments large companies have made in Infor ERP, significantly improving AP and AR functions by automating key touch points along the financial supply chain.

As a leading enterprise resource planning platform for manufacturing and distribution companies, Infor ERP is known for streamlining operations and optimizing production resources. Integration with Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions takes Infor ERP a step further by combining the power of your organization's existing ERP with the unparalleled benefits of a best-in-class e-invoicing and payments automation solution.

Integrating Direct Insite with Infor ERP

Effective ERP platforms are all about performance. So it's only natural that add-on solutions should deliver the same level of performance as your Infor ERP system, expanding your capabilities without interfering with or limiting the functionality of your enterprise resource planning technology.

Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions improves the performance of your existing Infor ERP system by bringing financial supply chain automation to your enterprise. Architected to effortlessly integrate with Infor and other ERP solutions, PAYBOX® has been successfully deployed in many of the world's most complex organizations to improve financial visibility and streamline the workflows that are typically associated with accounts payable, accounts receivable and electronic payments.

Building a Case for PAYBOX® Integration with Infor ERP

The push for financial supply chain automation is impacting Global 3000 companies across all industries and market sectors. Manual, paper-based processes simply aren't capable of delivering the kinds of efficiencies that most enterprises need to achieve in their financial supply chains. Worse yet, the inaccuracies and hassles of manual workflows can threaten the organization's relationship with suppliers and customers.

The integration of Direct Insite's PAYBOX® suite of solutions with your organization's Infor ERP system is the best way for your enterprise to achieve several operational and business outcomes:

  • Transition to a truly paper-free financial supply chain
  • Faster turnarounds for payments and processing
  • Ability to capture more supplier discounts
  • Improved regulatory and contract compliance
  • Lower per-transaction costs
  • Fewer opportunities for human error and intervention
  • Faster resolution of disputed invoices
  • Real-time visibility to key AP/AR/payments reports and financial metrics
  • Self-serve opportunities for customers and suppliers

The bottom line is that Direct Insite optimizes your organization's financial supply chain, equipping your organization with the tools you need to properly manage complex AR, AP and payments functions.

Key Features of Direct Insite for Infor ERP

For clients who use the Infor ERP system, Direct Insite provides a secure, standards-based integration with an e-invoicing platform that is both flexible and scalable.

Although many PAYBOX® customers choose to deploy the entire platform, components and features can also be deployed over time--giving you the ability to decide which capabilities are right for your organization at any point in time.

Available components of Direct Insite's PAYBOX® for Infor ERP integration include:

  • E-Invoicing. Converts sales orders and purchase orders into preliminary invoices with supporting documents attached.
  • Workflow Management. Allows you to create configurable workflows for three-way matching, approval routing, exceptions management and other activities.
  • Dispute Management. Streamlines the management and resolution of disputed invoices.
  • Discount Management. Monitors and manages all available supplier discount opportunities.
  • Procure-to-Pay. Aligns AP with procurement to create seamless purchasing and payment cycles.
  • Portals. Provides powerful self-serve portals for suppliers and customers.
  • Reporting. Delivers visibility and analysis of critical financial supply chain information to decision-makers.
  • E-Payments. Creates the ability to accept, track and audit payments via credit cards and ACH.

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