Improving Order to Cash Flow with AR Automation

Your business hinges on your ability to manage order to cash flow. Why? Because order to cash is directly tied to your company’s financial performance. The practices you have in place to receive and process customer sales can make or break the fiscal health of your organization.

Common Order to Cash Flow Mistakes

Inadequate cash flow management can be a death sentence, especially if you’ve fallen into a pattern of committing common errors:

  • Paper-based invoice presentment and distribution
  • Allowing customers to make late invoice payments
  • Inefficient customer dispute resolution
  • Not accepting electronic payments

The good news is that your order to cash flow process can seriously improve if you ditch outdated, unreliable AR strategies in favor of an automated solution.

How AR Automation Improves Order to Cash Flow

Manual, paper-based invoicing seriously bottlenecks accounts receivables process and hinders your ability to collect customer payments on time. Accounts receivables automation breathes new life into your business’s order to cash flow, allowing you to benefit from healthier financial performance:

  • Electronic Invoice Presentment: Not only do manual invoices take twice as long to produce as electronic invoices, they also cost twice as much. E-invoicing is simple, cost-effective and is available for immediate viewing by customers. The quicker customers are able to view and settle invoices, the quicker cash lands in your pocket.

  • Discount Management: Incentives for customers to make early payments go a long way. An automated AR platform manages discounts, improving your ability to incentivize customers through early payments and reduced cycle times.

  • Electronic Payment Capabilities: Waiting for customers to mail in paper checks or make payments over the phone grinds payment cycles to a halt. When you implement electronic payment capabilities, customers can log on to a secure 24/7 web portal to pay invoices. For added convenience, enable debit and credit card payments, as well as ACH and EFT payments.

  • Simple Dispute Management: Sometimes, there’s no way around a disputed invoice. But how you handle customer disputes can directly affect order to cash flow. Instead of relegating your AR department and customers to hours on the phone (and frustrating both parties), an automated platform streamlines dispute resolution by directing customers to the appropriate AR team member for review.

Don’t Wait to Improve Your Business’s Order to Cash Flow

There’s no denying it – order to cash flow plays a huge role for your organization. You can’t afford to get bogged down by slow, inefficient processes that threaten to negatively affect financial performance.

The solution? PAYBOX® AR.

An innovative, end-to-end accounts receivables platform, PAYBOX® AR combines electronic invoicing, streamlined dispute management, e-payment capabilities and more to create a transformative, easy-to-use automated accounts receivables solution.

A significant order to cash flow is only a few steps away. To learn more and request a demonstration, contact Direct Insite today.

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