Improving Cash Flow Through Invoice Distribution

Efficient and accurate invoice distribution processes drive healthy cash flow and other financial metrics in enterprise organizations. But too often, lags or errors in invoice preparation and presentment hinder the organization’s ability to successfully leverage current income for business advantage.

To improve cash flow and bottom line business results, enterprises need to seriously consider how existing invoice distribution methods are impacting AR processes. And in many cases, that means transitioning to electronic invoicing technology.

The Push for Electronic Invoice Distribution

A September 2014 study by Direct Insite and Blue Hill Research asked end-user organizations to identify the top goals for their payments and receivables processes. Respondents indicated that reducing receivables processing time was their most important priority, followed by increased adoption of electronic invoicing and lower Day Sales Outstanding (DSO).

The study results confirmed the strong connection between invoice distribution routines and key financial metrics. The need to improve cash flow is forcing AR departments to streamline receivables processing and reduce DSO. Electronic invoicing provides a convenient and effective tool for improving the efficiency of receivables processing and achieving targeted cash flow improvement.

Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® Payments solution figures prominently into many corporations’ plans to transform receivables processing with reliable electronic invoicing technology, equipping AR departments with the platform they need to deliver predictable and healthy cash flow to the organization.

Invoice Distribution for Better Cash Flow

The transition to electronic invoice processes offers an invoice distribution channel that is designed to improve cash flow by providing several important benefits to the enterprise. These benefits include:

  • Greater accuracy and efficiency – Manual, paper-based invoicing processes are prone to errors or lost invoices—problems that hinder AR efficiency, increase labor costs and ultimately damage cash flow.
  • Lower DSO – Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® AR Portal reduces DSO by an average of 3-5 days. For large corporations, this translates into significantly improved cash flow and millions of dollars each year in DSO interest.
  • More accurate cash flow planning – Electronic invoice distribution improves the organization’s visibility to scheduled payments, increasing its ability to perform short-term and long-term cash flow planning.

In addition to improving cash flow, Direct Insite’s PAYBOX® solution reduces exceptions handling costs, cash application costs and the expense of collection calls. Built to meet PCI Compliance standards, the PAYBOX® platform eliminates compliance-based headaches by providing a secure invoicing and payments solution.

It’s Time to Take a Closer Look at Your Invoice Distribution Technology

Featuring a no upfront cost implementation program and a 90-day Go-Live guarantee, Direct Insite is the smart choice for improving your organization’s invoice distribution processes for better cash flow.

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