Supplier Portals

The PAYBOX® AP e-invoicing Self-Service Portal makes it easy for companies to securely receive legally compliant electronic invoices directly into their accounting system -- without operator intervention.

PAYBOX® AP has helped some of the largest companies in the world significantly streamline their accounts payable processes, gain better financial control and invoice transparency, and reduce supplier inquiries regarding invoice and payment status -- all while improving supplier relationships.

With more than 300,000 companies actively using the PAYBOX® AP Portal, chances are good that some of your key trading partners already use the portal for submitting invoices electronically to other customers.

Best of all, our self-service registration and profile management tools make it a snap for any supplier to get started with the PAYBOX® AP Portal. And our unique supplier on-boarding process means you'll get the adoption rates necessary to ensure a strong return on investment.

Direct Insite IOL Supplier Portal

Not surprisingly, some PAYBOX® users report supplier adoption rates of more than 80 percent.

Once registered, suppliers have access to a self-service decision-tree that provides self-help answers to their inquiries. For instance, suppliers can verify their invoice and payment status at any time, without burdening your AP department. Our centralized, highly secure and SSAE-16 compliant archive stores invoice information and provides online 24x7 access as well as robust reporting.

As supplier invoice and payment status information is updated in accounts payable, the PAYBOX® AP Portal is automatically updated to convey the same information to suppliers, in real-time.

PAYBOX® AP also allows suppliers to submit electronic inquiries to your AP department, such as for disputes. Inquiries are automatically logged and routed via user-defined business rules to the appropriate AP staff for resolution. Suppliers also can upload inquiry attachments.

Key Supplier Portal Features:

Hosted Supplier Portal

  • More than 300,000 registered suppliers
  • Supplier self-registration and password management
  • Supplier profile management (payment remittance data, contact information, email address)
  • Form-fill, spreadsheet upload, and "PO flip" capabilities
  • Centralized archive for invoice and purchase order information
  • Real-time, highly secure 24x7 visibility to invoice and payment status updates
  • Online help
  • At least 17 alternative languages
  • Ideal for the Fortune 2000 and the companies that do business with them
  • SAP certified
  • Optional invoice scanning and capture capabilities for Zero Footprint Invoice Processing
  • Optional accounts receivable and payments capabilities

Key Supplier Portal Benefits:

Cloud-Based SaaS Supplier Portal

  • Web-based solution eliminates need to install software or hardware
  • Securely receive invoices from anywhere in the world
  • Automatically receive legally compliant e-invoices in your accounting system
  • Any supplier, anywhere can join
  • Proven supplier on-boarding program for improving adoption rates
  • Reduce paper invoice handling
  • Slash time-consuming inbound supplier inquiries
  • Reduce day-to-day "noise level" -- freeing AP staff to focus on core activities
  • Enhance partner/vendor relationships
  • No need to store, retrieve or destroy paper invoices
  • Improve financial control and invoice transparency
  • Improve supplier relationships
  • Extend the value of your ERP system