PAYBOX® Platform

Used by large Global 3000 companies, including Siemens, HP, IBM, Saint-Gobain, Shell Oil and others, the PAYBOX® platform is a recognized market leader in financial supply chain automation.

As a full-featured, cloud-based e-invoicing solution, the PAYBOX® platform includes electronic invoice processing, payments, dispute management, workflow management, self-service supplier portals, business metrics, reporting and other features needed to accelerate enterprise cash flow.


Streamline invoice processes such as submission, validation, matching, routing, approval, and more. Our e-invoicing solutions support:

Self-Service Supplier Portal

Securely receive legally compliant electronic invoices directly into your accounting system, while reducing supplier inquiries regarding invoice and payment status. Learn more about PAYBOX's supplier portal solutions.


Leverage configurable, invoice-centric tools for:


Align procurement and accounts payable to better manage spend, gain leverage in supplier negotiations, and help ensure contract and purchase order compliance. Learn more about PAYBOX's procurement management features.


Achieve greater visibility into the purchase-to-pay lifecycle to drive better working capital management. Learn more about PAYBOX's purchase-to-pay automation capabilities.


Leverage powerful reports and real-time visibility into invoice processes. PAYBOX's platform includes robust financial automation reporting features.