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Written for AP, AR, finance, treasury and procurement professionals, these useful articles cover a variety of e-invoicing and supply chain finance topics.

If you are interested in AP automation, PCI-compliant payments, early payment supplier discounts, supplier portals, cash flow acceleration best practices or related financial automation topics, these articles will give you the insights you need.

  • Direct Insite Named Financial Services Technology Company to Watch - Direct Insite was recently named a 2015 Financial Services company to watch by CIO Review. Read more here.
  • Integrating Receivables to Boost Lockbox Revenues - Direct Insite won the Payments Innovation Track award at BAI Payments Connect 2015 for developing a product that helps banks trim their accounts receivable costs.
  • Celent ABCD Vendor View - Direct Insite is featured in Celent's integrated receivables vendor view. See the full report here.
  • Reverse Lockbox Whitepaper - Despite the continuing push of companies to eliminate paper processes to reduce costs and support “green” initiatives, the adoption of electronic payments and remittances has been painfully slow. This whitepaper explains how 'reverse' thinking about receivables improves straight-through processing.
  • Electronic Invoicing Providers Should Solve Interoperability Issues - As a leading provider of on-demand solutions that simplify complex accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, Direct Insite has played a leadership role in getting electronic invoicing providers to solve the interoperability issues.
  • Why e-Invoicing Is an Invaluable Strategic Tool for CFOs and Treasurers - More than ever before, CFOs and treasurers require increased visibility into the AP cycle to effectively manage working capital and to track the flow of cash in and out of their companies. E-invoicing gives finance executives the tools they need to perform informed decision-making and take advantage of new opportunities across the financial supply chain.
  • E-Invoicing: The Key to Supply Chain Financing - Effective supply chain financing is a high priority for enterprises in the wake of the recent recession. While DPO improvements and other strategies can deliver important organizational wins, many companies are stuck in paper-based processes that limit their ability to fully benefit from supply chain financing. E-invoicing improves supply chain management by facilitating early payment discounts and centralizing complex payment processes.
  • Reductions in USPS Delivery Bolsters Case for Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) - The financial woes of the U.S. Postal Service are creating new challenges across the financial supply chain. Higher postage rates, reduced services and longer delays are inevitable as the postal service attempts to develop a more sustainable business model. Direct Insite discusses how many companies are insulating themselves from postal disruptions by transitioning to Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) solutions.
  • Survey Results Highlight Need for Accounts Payable Automation - Forward-thinking enterprises are prioritizing strategies to control AP department costs while eliminating costly and ineffective paper-based processes. Direct Insite shares the results of a recent survey of finance executives, demonstrating the need for accounts payable automation technologies in today's enterprise organizations.
  • On-Demand and End-To-End (Finance Director Europe) - Cloud-based finance solutions are revolutionizing financial supply chain management in large enterprises. Finance Director Europe takes a deep dive into the topic and discusses how on-demand, end-to-end finance solutions are accelerating cashflow, streamlining capital management and transforming the finance function with on-demand invoicing and other features.
  • Do This! Not That! AP Automation Best Practices (IOFM Conference Presentation) - Accounts payable automation is changing the way enterprise organizations approach financial supply chain management. In this presentation summary, Direct Insite describes AP automation best practices, equipping financial executives with the information they need to translate automated accounts payable initiatives into improved ROI and accelerated cashflow.
  • Are Your Financial Systems Secured? - The security of financial information is a critical concern in enterprise organizations. The stakes are higher than they have ever been since a single security breach can cause catastrophic damage to your brand's reputation in the marketplace. In this article, Direct Insite identifies six questions CFOs should be asking about the security of their financial systems and describes how you can protect your organization's most sensitive financial information.
  • What PCI Compliance Means to Financial Executives - PCI compliance creates a range of potentially time-consuming challenges for financial executives. To meet the complex requirements of PCI standards, financial executives need to understand their organizations' requirements and know how to develop a system that ensures cardholder data security, electronic payment fraud protection and consistent security audits. This report provides the information you need to improve PCI compliance for e-payments and AR in your enterprise.
  • The Power of Automated Invoice Matching - Billing and invoice compliance issues incur a real dollar cost in uncollected deductions and write-offs. This report discusses how automated preliminary invoice validation and exception workflow handling can enable enterprises to recapture from .5 to one percent of revenue by creating a more robust and more efficient accounts payable environment.
  • Thinking Beyond Virtual Terminals - Virtual terminals enable electronic transaction processing and streamline payments infrastructure without requiring costly hardware investments. But although virtual terminals are a good start, they can also limit your organization's financial supply chain capabilities. In this article, Direct Insite talks about why your company needs to think beyond basic virtual terminals to electronic payments solutions that provide incremental AP and AR functionality.
  • Seven Ways Electronic Invoicing and OPP Accelerate Cash Flow for the Hospitality Industry - In the hospitality industry, invoice-to-cash processing is notorious for high DSO, overdue invoices, and manual payment posting and cash application -- resulting in sluggish cashflow and gross operational inefficiencies. In this case study, Direct Insite discusses how businesses in the hospitality sector can leverage electronic invoicing and payment solutions to improve cashflow and streamline accounts receivable processing.
  • The Case for Early Payment Alternatives - Suppliers and buyers are increasingly interested in early payment alternatives, including early payment discounts, dynamic discounting and factoring programs. To take maximum advantage and accelerate cash flow, buyers must make their procure-to-pay business processes efficient enough to take full advantage of the discounts offered by their suppliers.