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ERP Compatibility

PAYBOX® specializes in equipping large organizations with a robust technology platform for AP transformation and other supply chain finance functions. Leveraging an across-the-board "ERP agnostic" approach, PAYBOX® solutions are fully compatible with the most popular ERP solutions on the market.

The PAYBOX® e-invoicing platform extends and compliments investments in existing ERP systems, providing advanced AP automation functionality that is not offered by even the most advanced ERP systems. Having designed the PAYBOX® platform for easy implementation within large, complex multinational companies, PAYBOX® provides ERP compatibility and integration with any ERP or financial system, thus extending the value of existing technology investments and allowing companies to quickly achieve a positive ROI for their financial automation initiatives.

As a recognized leader in global shared services, PAYBOX® has the experience and state-of-the-art solutions to optimize the value of current ERP while enhancing the financial supply chain.

Benefits of Built-In ERP Compatibility:

  • Better Performance. By providing a single, ERP-agnostic platform that spans existing systems and processes, PAYBOX® offers a unified platform with touch points across the enterprise.
  • Lower Costs. PAYBOX® delivers reduced costs, improved visibility and increased operational efficiency without the time and expense of an ERP re-platform or additional hardware investments.
  • Minimal Disruption. PAYBOX® platform is scalable and utilizes a cloud-based deployment model to improve deployment speed and minimize the impact on the operation.

How PAYBOX® Extends Existing ERP Functionality

PAYBOX® extends the power of existing ERP systems. By offering pre-configured compatibility to popular ERP solutions, PAYBOX® can provide the following:

  • SAP e-Invoicing – An SAP Certified Partner, PAYBOX® offers a complete e-invoicing solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP—quickly and easily providing a powerful SAP vendor portal and full-featured e-invoicing compatible with an SAP ERP system.
  • Oracle ERP e-Invoicing– Building out an Oracle ERP supplier and enabling Oracle ERP e-invoicing has never been easier. PAYBOX® provides a full suite of services that simplify and automate AP functions such as invoice receipt, matching, routing and verification.
  • PeopleSoft e-Invoicing – Get supplier invoices into PeopleSoft ERP systems with minimal processing. PeopleSoft e-invoicing and supplier portal capabilities from PAYBOX® make it simple to automate AP processes and outperform the competition.
  • JD Edwards e-Invoicing – PAYBOX® automates and optimizes supplier discounts within JD Edwards ERP system. PAYBOX® provides built-in support for AP automation, e-invoicing and a supplier portal that reduces supplier inquires and accelerates cash flow.
  • Lawson e-Invoicing – Improve returns on working capital with PAYBOX’s Lawson e-invoicing and vendor portal solutions. With PAYBOX’s AP automation solutions, organizations can reduce wasted time, money, and frustration that is spent fixing invoice errors, managing discount opportunities and handling supplier calls.
  • Infor e-Invoicing– For Infor ERP users, PAYBOX® provides a phased approach to moving to automated AP digital processing. PAYBOX’s pre-coded Infor compatibility taps into the power of Infor electronic invoicing and quickly and easily builds out an Infor ERP supplier portal.
  • QAD e-Invoicing – PAYBOX® helps QAD ERP customers transform AP operations invoicing to be state of the art. In addition to QAD electronic invoicing and a QAD vendor portal, PAYBOX® improves dispute management, workflow, financial analytics and reporting.

To learn more about how PAYBOX® solutions can extend the capabilities of your existing ERP infrastructure, please call 954-510-3750.