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E-Invoicing in a Heterogeneous ERP Environment

Monday, June 17, 2013

As global expansion and the market for mergers and acquisitions heats up, shared services executives are facing new challenges in managing accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR) and vendor and financial data.

For a company that is expanding into new countries or growing via acquisition or mergers, it is not uncommon to have one enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in one geographic location and another ERP system at a different location. In fact, as a leading provider of AP and accounts receivable (AR) automation solutions, Direct Insite often encounters customers that have different instances of the same ERP system running across their global enterprise. This occurs, for example, when two SAP-powered enterprises merge into a larger entity, and two SAP instances end up running simultaneously.

Global enterprises with multiple ERP platforms can find themselves in a "Tower of Babylon" situation in which disparate systems are not integrated. In this scenario, financial executives lose clear visibility into cash flow and liabilities across their global enterprise.

When this occurs, best-of-breed solutions such as Direct Insite's e-invoicing platform for AP and AR can bridge the gap between disparate ERP systems. Direct Insite’s suite of AP and AR Transformation modules are delivered via a hosted web-based service that integrates and consolidates information from an enterprise's ERP and financial systems. For post-merger integration, Direct Insite’s e-invoicing platform provides visibility and information across geographies and multiple entities.

Direct Insite's ERP-agnostic e-invoicing solutions support the top ERP systems on the market, including SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Lawson, PeopleSoft, Inforand QAD. Integrating Direct Insite’s e-invoicing platform with an enterprise’s multiple ERP systems extends the value of those systems by providing a web-based front-end that can be utilized company-wide.

For multi-ERP enterprises that recognize that paper and people-based processes lead to high AP transaction costs and diminished visibility into the financial supply chain, there is a simple solution: implement Direct Insite's e-invoicing solutions. Doing so can eliminate the AP and AR inefficiencies that are common in a heterogeneous ERP environment and can deliver on the key benefits of AP and AR automation: reduced costs, improved visibility into financial processes, enhanced supplier and customer relationships, and the financial gains that come from better capture of discounts and improved DSO.

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