For Procurement

PAYBOX® delivers state-of-the-art tools that enable procurement executives to achieve measurable business outcomes through the alignment of procurement and AP.

Supported by extensive global shared services expertise, PAYBOX’s cloud-based PAYBOX® platform allows organizations to deliver purchase orders electronically to suppliers. Suppliers are equipped with the ability to convert purchase orders to invoices, creating a paperless procurement process and a digital record that can be easily tracked, monitored and managed.

Additional benefits for procurement executives include:

  • Advanced validation and matching of invoices and purchase orders
  • Integration with any ERP or procurement system
  • Improved visibility into cash position and supplier discount opportunities
  • Increased opportunities to leverage P-Card usage and rebates
  • Robust spend reporting

PAYBOX® empowers procurement executives to leverage the procurement process as a driver of efficiency, accelerated cash flow and improved operational performance, generating meaningful bottom line impact for the enterprise.

To learn more about how PAYBOX® can improve your procurement workflow and enhance supplier relations, please call 954-510-3750.